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The Best Hose Clamp Pliers – Ultimate Buying Guide Part 1

Hose clamps can be a real pain. Let’s face it, you’ve either spent the last 10 minutes trying to get the clamp on all while your hands are covered in soap and water or worse, you somehow missed the small piece of metal sticking out and get cut. The answer to both situations is a hose clamp pliers.

A hose clamp pliers is a must have tool for the horticulture, automotive, construction and many other industries. Hose clamp pliers are non-slip even when wet, extremely durable and easy to clean by just rinsing under water. People that operate in greasy professions need secure and reliable tools and that is exactly what they get with hose clamp pliers.

This tool can accomplish a task that would normally take two hands, since it has one handle on each side for gripping the handle. One side of the pliers is used to pinch the clamp and the other side of the pliers is rotated for tightening or loosening. It also can rotate 360 degree which makes this job easier.

A hose clamp pliers is a hand tool used for tightening or opening hose clamps. It is generally a small, handheld version of the clamp that allows for more control and flexibility during use.

How to use a hose clamp pliers?

A hose clamp pliers is a quick tool that can be used to secure a hose clamp onto an object. The jaw must first open wide enough to fit the tightened part of the hose, and then the actual clamp must be wrapped around it with its desired opening, and the pliers are used to close them together and finish the process.

Best Features to Look Out for?

One of the most important features to look out for when buying hose clamp pliers is the quality of the jaws. You’ll encounter two primary types: flat-jaw and notched-jaw. A flat-jaw set can be used on all types of hoses, including large diameter plastic and metal hoses, as well as thin metal tubes. Notched-jaw sets are designed for a specific type of hose (e.g., copper, galvanized steel, or vinyl). Choose your set based on what types of hoses you commonly use.

Best Overall Hose Clamp Pliers: Astro 9409A

The Astro 9409A is the best overall hose clamp pliers for the price, pound for pound. These are the best hose clamps pliers if you value a combination of cost, quality and ease of use. There’s no need to invest in overpriced clamps pliers when these will do just as good a job as any others.

Astro’s 9409A hose clamp pliers are designed to excel in the most demanding situations. Made of rugged stainless steel and with capabilities powered by a 1/2 HP motor, these pliers are built to be used in the toughest jobs and the roughest conditions. The rubberized handles and blade guards help the pliers grip better before slipping away, whether you’re working with metal or plastic.

Whether you’re changing a tire on the road or installing a water heater in your home, the ASTRO 9409A Automotive Steel Hose Clamp Pliers are a quick, handy tool to have at the ready. The ASTRO 9409A features telescoping fiberglass handles for additional leverage and comfort, and durable steel with plated jaws for extra strength and corrosion resistance. The ASTRO 9409A is plenty strong enough to tighten and loosen hose clamps on even the biggest hoses with ease; whether those hoses are in your car, truck or construction equipment. It also features a built-in cutter

With its unique “Bar and Chain” technology, the Astro 9409A is the first of its kind, able to handle 1/8″ to 1 1/4″ hose clamps of multiple sizes and styles. The patented design allows you to get into hard-to-reach places without fear of losing the device. That’s because it stays secure. Go ahead, reach into awkward spaces. Pull out a small screw or nail. Clamp down on ring terminals and other items that are too large or awkward for standard pliers.

Astro 9409A Hose Clamp Pliers:  Allows for more secure locking

The Best Overall winner of the Hose Clamp Pliers category, the ASTRO 9409A is one of the most versatile and durable clamps on today’s market. Built with a closed-throat design, the ASTRO 9409A has an ergonomic design that prevents injuries with built-in finger shields to prevent pinch injuries. The ASTRO 9409A creates a solid hold, allowing for more secure locking with both hands-free accesses.

Astro 9409A Hose Clamp Pliers:  Improved cable assembly

The improved cable assembly of the Astro 9409A grips hose clamps 10 times faster with spring tension and thumb pressure assembly. The ergonomic handle design allows for maximum comfort and the slight curve in the jaw is just right for tightening hose clamps in awkward positions. The new offset head and new reversible jaw design make this the one tool that fits all hose clamps.

Astro 9409A Hose Clamp Pliers:  Removes both plastic and metal clamps

The Astro 9409A Hose Clamp Pliers has one of the most powerful grips in its class. It helps you remove both plastic and metal clamps without any hassle. Astro’s 9409A Hose Clamp Pliers are designed to remove both plastic and metal clamps from water hoses and air lines. They have been manufactured with durability in mind, using the highest grade of heat-treated steel for extra strength. Made with a thick cushion grip handle, these pliers are easy to hold onto while they work. Unlike other clamp pliers, the Astro 9409A Hose Clamp Pliers features an adjustable joint that can be turned inside or outside to accommodate the bolt alignment and loosen or tighten the clamp.

Astro 9409A Hose Clamp Pliers:  Provides an extended reach

The ASTRO 9409A Hose Clamp Pliers gives you an extended reach and deep leverage when clamping down medium or large sized hose clamps. This improved, molded grabber end provides greater security and stability as you grip the hose clamp. The patented cam design generates more downforce to help prevent loosening and slipping of even the largest hose clamp.

As we mentioned above that Astro 9409A Hose Clamp Pliers lets you reach into the tightest of spaces to quickly and easily tighten and loosen hose clamps and pinch clamps. These pliers easily adjust to the size of hose clamps, yet act like a third hand when attaching hoses. This tool features an extended reach, a stainless-steel lock jaw that won’t weaken with age, and a smooth and durable finish. This must‐have tool also includes a storage case for safe and convenient storage in your shop or van.

Astro 9409A Hose Clamp Pliers:  Can be locked to free up your hands

The 9409A has the added feature of a swivel jaw which allows the pliers to be locked onto the hose while using a ratchet or breaker bar to tighten or loosen the clamp. This allows one handed operation of the pliers, ensuring that all of your hands are free to hold the hose (not on fire).

The Astro 9409A Hose Clamp Pliers are built for the professional mechanic or the do-it-yourself handyman to help them get the job done in less time, with less hassle. With their design, they can be locked and left so you can free up your hands to tackle other jobs. The Astro 9409A Hose Clamp Pliers work on 1/4 inch – 1/2-inch O.D. hose clamps, which is a very common size. The metal construction also gives you the high quality that it was made for industrial applications.

Best Hose Clamp Pliers for the Money: Astro 9406

Astro 9406 is a precision-engineered hose clamp plier designed to grip any hose clamp, regardless of size. Each pair of pliers includes two jaw sizes, one with standard sized jaws for fitting any traditional hose clamp (between 1″ and 2 7/8″), and the other with large jaws for fitting large-sized clamps (from 2 5/8″ to 3″). The pliers are also equipped with a sliding locking lever that lets users easily adjust the width of space between the pliers’ jaws to match the size of the clamp being tightened, thereby ensuring a secure grip without crushing or damaging it.

Astro Tools’ 9406 hose clamp pliers are designed for slitting hose clamps and bandings made of soft and hard metals. The cast aluminum alloy construction is corrosion resistant. These Hose Clamp Pliers are lighter, more durable and easier to use than similar models on the market today. The jaw width is 1/2 inch wide at the top to accommodate the widest 4-inch banding; 2 1/4 inches wide at the bottom to accommodate the smallest 3-inch banding.

The Astro 9406 has a comfortable non-slip grip and an easy ratcheting mechanism, allowing you to switch from stainless steel hose clamps to garden hoses in seconds. Lock and release the lever to quickly and easily switch between clamps or hoses, and smooth-operating jaws ensure that you won’t get cut as you complete your task. The rubberized comfort handle delivers excellent leverage without straining your hand. Stainless steel jaws are ideal for gripping even the smallest of steel hose clamps. This multi-purpose tool is a must for anyone who needs to keep their hoses in top condition.

With the Astro 9406’s padded jaws, you can assemble or disassemble almost any type of hose clamp you might encounter. The jaws are rigid enough to keep their shape when gripping odd-shaped clamps such as hose clamps for bicycles. The Astro 9406’s replaceable jaw pads provide long service between jaw replacement and feature a quick release that makes it easy to remove or add clamps.

Hose Clamp Pliers Astro 9406: Great value for a complete kit

Hose clamp pliers are necessary part of every automotive shop. Astro’s 9406 pliers are made from rugged, high quality metal and spring steel with comfortable rubber handles for easy use. The ergonomic design allows the pliers to be used in various joint angles. This makes it possible to fit clamps on a wide variety of tubes.

Eliminate hose-biting, hose-kinking, and the need to carry multiple pliers with the revolutionary Astro 9406 Hose Clamp Pliers. In one easy-to-carry tool, you get a Hose Cutter/Crimp tool for your basic plumbing jobs, and the plier tips cut through tough copper or brass hose clamps commonly found on air conditioning units or refrigeration lines! A Fiberglass-reinforced nylon jaw on the Cutter/Crimper will semi-permanently cut up to 3/8″ copper and brass tubing.

The Astro 9406 Hose Clamp Pliers Kit includes all the equipment you need to get the job done right. Whether you are assembling or disassembling hoses, this is the tool for handling most automotive, trucking and construction applications. The plier head features three jaw openings – one each to work on 3/8″, 7/16″ and 1/2″ hose clamps – with a tip that straddles the clamp to protect delicate surfaces.

Hose Clamp Pliers Astro 9406: Accommodates all standard clamp sizes

The Hose Clamp Pliers Astro 9406 have been designed with a specific rubber coated handle that allows for the user to have a better grip when using. They also contain a quick release mechanism that makes it quicker and easier to use. Extending over the material which they are being used, is a protruding claw that helps hold down the clamp within which you can locate them easily and without difficulty.

The Astro 9406 hose clamp pliers are perfect for quick and easy hose clamp plier installation. These pliers can accommodate all standard clamp sizes, ranging from 1 3/8″ to 2″. The jaws on these pliers are protected with an extra wide plastic grip surface, which provides a comfortable feel during operation. They also have a recessed notch in the handle that allows the user to put pressure on the jaws. This protects the user’s hand from being pinched while working in tight areas.

Hose Clamp Pliers Astro 9406: Works on both plastic and metal clamps

The Astro 9406 is the answer to all of your clamping needs, combining a high-quality hose clamp pliers with a steel wire cutting knife. With a full range of jaw widths and low profile for easy reaching, these pliers are designed for years of use.  The steel precision cutting knife blade features a safety lock and can be replaced when worn out, and the wire cutter has an adjustable stopper.

The new Astro 9406 Pliers have been designed specifically to work on both plastic and metal hose clamps. The squeeze mechanism is unique in that it will actually close the jaws of the clamp when squeezing. Thick rubber inserts are placed between the jaws of the pliers and the clamp. This protects both the clamp, and your hands, from damage caused by clamping them too tightly together.

Hose Clamp Pliers Astro 9406: Lockable to free up your hands

Hose clamps are a great tool to have around the house and an even better one to have if you are out in the yard. Astro has designed an adjustable hose clamp plier that locks. The Astro 9406 is an ideal tool for the weekend warrior, handyman or maintenance crew with a secure lock function and the ability to adjust it to fit your needs.

Astro 9406 Hose Clamp Pliers are designed to be a quick, easy, and efficient way to tighten hose clamps. Simply lock the pliers onto a hose clamp with the lock lever, and tighten or loosen using the cutting plier. These hose clamp pliers can be used manually, or electric models can be plugged in for increased production speed. The detachable jaw head allows you to change out for other heads to handle tasks like cutting, crimping, or removing nails.

Best Angled Hose Clamp Pliers: Gearwrench 3977

Gearwrench 3977 Best Angled Hose Clamp Pliers provide a better and easier way to clamp together plastic-coated wire and hose clamps on hydraulics. While the flat jaws of conventional pliers can pinch the wire, this design’s offset jaws grip flat against one side of the bar so wire slips through without pinching. Constructed with industrial grade steel for strength and durability, these pliers have an extra-large, corrosion-resistant, heat treated jaw surface area for maximum gripping power. They also have a non-slip textured handle that increases comfort during prolonged gripping periods.

These are the best angled hose clamp pliers, offering 90 degrees of rotation to fit nuts in tight spots. Oversize handles and knurled jaws provide comfort and control. They make an easy job of installing flat, oval, band or spiral clamps on hydraulic hoses, rubber tubing, and shock absorbers. The 15-inch-long handles enable access in tight areas for other jobs as well.

The new Gearwrench 3977 Hose Clamp Pliers make it easier to install worm drive hose clamps than ever before. The pliers in this set perform two functions – they can bend steel worm drive hose clamps 45 degrees to make them easier to install and they can also crimp nonornamental, aluminum, and stainless-steel hose clamps. With a weight of 8 oz., these pliers will really help speed up your next project and are excellent for indoor or outdoor use.

The 3977 features a unique locking collar that will lock the jaw in a position for easy hose clamp removal and installation. The one hand operation of the tool increases productivity because you do not have to “fiddle” with the pliers to adjust them before installation or removal of the clamp. The jaw width is designed to remove most standard clamps on air lines, fuel hose and vacuum hoses. Once connected the jaws are tight enough to prevent disconnection by vibration and impact and to help prevent damage from abrasion or marring.

The hose clamp pliers use an adjustable spring tension system that allows you to easily loosen the tightest clamps without marring their surface. Their all-steel construction allows them to take on larger clamps, and includes a hook that makes them easy to store when not in use.

Gearwrench 3977 hose clamp pliers: Great value for a complete kit

Gearwrench 3977 hose clamp pliers is perfect for any do-it-yourselfer or professional. This kit has everything you need to get the job done right, and gearwrench guarantees each and every set you buy to be free of material defects for the life of the tool.

GearWrench 3977 Hose Clamp Pliers include 3/8″ and 1/2″ U-Jaws for gripping hose clamps, plus standard and double-groove crimping jaws. Comes with a 360-degree rotating head that makes manually crimping clamps and removing damaged crimp rings easier than ever. The GearWrench Artisan 8-in-1 multi-tool (model GTW8689), is an essential tool for every automotive enthusiast or professional, featuring the most common tool configurations all in one tool.

Gearwrench 3977 Hose Clamp Pliers 9 Piece Set is a complete kit with everything you need to assist with a multitude of tasks around the home or garage.  This set includes standard and metric pliers, an adjustable wrench, and 8 different sizes of hose clamps, in addition to a strap cutter and a utility hook. The hand grip is specially designed for ease of use, with precision ground jaws that fit perfectly for optimum performance.

Gearwrench 3977 hose clamp pliers: Accommodates all standard clamp sizes

Attach, tighten, and remove hose clamps on your vehicle’s hoses with the help of GearWrench 3977 hose clamp pliers. This set features comfortable-to-use soft grip handles, wide jaw opening to hold clamp securely, and an adjustable joint for quick release. It accommodates all standard clamp sizes, is designed to be corrosion resistant, and boasts a 25-degree offset angle for quick access. The GearWrench 3977 features the innovative, patent pending Suregrip design. This allows for an easily turned hose clamp replacement and eliminates the struggle with turning a standard hose clamp. Additionally, this product includes needle nose pliers, combo pliers, Needle nose V cutter and Flat head screwdriver.

The GearWrench 3977 3/4″ plier handle hose clamp pliers accommodate all standard clamp sizes. The strong, contoured handles give you the leverage you need to tighten hose assemblies and more. The pliers feature dual-material construction with high-strength, slotted steel jaws and a powerful coil spring for durability and long life. The textured handles provide a non-slip grip and come in different colors for easy size identification.

Gearwrench 3977 hose clamp pliers: Works on both plastic and metal clamps

Gearwrench 3977 hose clamp pliers are the most popular tool in Gearwrench’s line of specialty tools for professionals. The 3977 features a tire tread pattern on the handles, allows cutting hose to the desired length, and has a red plastic handle that provides more grip. The pliers work on both plastic and metal clamps.

The GearWrench 3977 hose clamp pliers quickly and easily remove and installs all types of hose clamps- from small plastic clamps to large metal clamps. Can also be used on water pump belts, alternator straps, and other automotive belts. Rubber grip is comfortable to hold and helps absorb vibrations for less fatigue. Wide angle head design lets you place the tool at various angles to work in hard-to-reach areas.

The GearWrench 3977 Hose Clamp Pliers are designed to take on your toughest hose clamp jobs. It features an adjustable jaw depth that helps give you a secure fit for plastic or metal clamps. You can be sure of a greater range of clamp sizes twisted on or off with the adjustable jaw depth and 25% larger opening capacity.

Gearwrench 3977 hose clamp pliers: Lockable to free up your hands

Gearwrench 3977 hose clamp pliers are lockable to free up your hands for a more comfortable experience, Plier jaws can open completely to eliminate need to reposition clamps when making larger diameter bends, Exclusive crackle finish provides corrosion resistance and longer life, Proprietary hinge provides extra rigidity and prevents conventional seam popping out of plier jaws.

From Oil to Water vacuums, the GearWrench 3977 hose clamp pliers will give you power and versatility in any job. The jaw capacity is 3/4″ so you don’t have to force the clamp onto the hose which is common with all-plastic hands. The smooth jaw design makes it easy to install or remove clamps up to 1/2″ thick. The pliers even have an articulating screwdriver bit built into the handle that can be used on most commonly accessed bolts and screws without removing your hands from the tool.

Gearwrench 3977 hose clamp pliers: Great for use in awkward areas

GearWrench 3977 hose clamp pliers are designed for use in difficult to access areas where standard-sized pliers can’t reach. The 3977 hose clamp pliers is versatile with a blunt nose end allowing the user to stab and hold, as well as a crimping end that can handle up to 1/2 inch (13 mm) diameter wire. The tool’s jaw also features a one-way ratcheting system allowing quick and secure installation due to less effort needed to secure hose clamps in place. Both ends of the tool have a rubber handle for comfort and easy gripping.

The GearWrench 3977 is an externally adjustable hose clamp plier designed for use in awkward areas, the 3977 has a rotating barrel so the user can rotate the gear in place before applying pressure. The unitized steel construction makes this tool strong and easy to use with moulded handle texturing for a secure grip.

Best Spring Hose Clamp Pliers: Knipex 8551250A

Named “Best New Product” by Wood Magazine, the Knipex hose clamp pliers feature a heavy-duty design and a strong locking feature that provides a continuous clamping pressure on the hose for secure fitting. This plier/wrench is also an excellent addition to your tool kit due to its Hex-Plus, patented double-hex design that will fit most any nut or bolt. The Knipex 8551250A hose clamp pliers are used for tightening and loosening steel wire collars and sleeves which are used to prevent the end of hoses from slipping off and to protect hose connections from leakage.

This spring hose clamp plier is a handy design. It’s entirely constructed with hardened steel and stainless-steel components to make it durable and robust. The jaw pieces are made of high-quality forged steel with blue plastic handles. Designed for professional use, these pliers can be an essential tool in any automobile shop or garage.

The best spring hose clamp pliers are the Knipex 85512. These pliers are designed with comfort in mind and feature a special tang that eases stress on your hands and fingers while minimizing hand fatigue. They’re ideal for holding spring clamps of different sizes on rubber hoses, air lines, oil hoses, vacuum hoses, brake lines, and electrical cables. With their multi-functional design, these pliers can be used to compress hose clamps or repair other areas where coil springs may be needed such as window blinds or patio umbrellas.

No one looks forward to replacing their hose clamps, but the process just got a whole lot easier. The Knipex 8551250A Combination Pliers have been designed for this very task and simplify the work for any user. Knipex has combined great design with years of experience in the world of manufacturing pliers. This is also why these are top-rated as best spring clamp pliers.

Knipex 8551250A Spring Hose Clamp Pliers: Opens and holds large spring band clamps with ease

With today’s heavily-insulated plumbing and oversized hoses, standard clamps will not close evenly. The Knipex 8551250A Spring Hose Clamp Pliers are made of high grade, special hardened steel, and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. The pliers also allow users to quickly open or hold large spring band clamps with ease. The Knipex 8551250A Spring Hose Clamp Pliers is a great tool for any professional plumber or home owner. This plier combines the advantage of both pliers and band clamps to help you complete your plumbing jobs with ease. Featuring a rubber handle that ensures secure grip, this tool has an outstanding quality in performance.

This spin back wood screw clamp plier allows you to open and hold large spring band clamps with ease. Engineered in Germany from high-strength steel, it has an ergonomic painted polyamide handle which ensures a comfortable and secure grip. It also carries the Knipex lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Open and hold large spring band clamps with ease using these Knipex pliers. With a spring action that keeps the band, coils, or rods within easy reach, these pliers are ideal for band clamps ranging from 3-7/16 In. wide. Tough steel blades have chamfered corners and perpendicular jaws to prevent deformation of clamp while installing. The patented Hang-Up hole in the handle provides easy and immediate storage of pliers on a hook or nail.

Knipex 8551250A Spring Hose Clamp Pliers: Usable from all angles

The KNIPEX 8551250A high-precision hose clamp pliers are ideal for gripping hoses and loops. At 22 mm, the jaws of the high-quality pliers are ideal with medium or large hoses and make it easy to grip with even pressure. They can be used from all angles and will not scratch or damage the hose. This Knipex hose clamp plier is a perfect tool for your automotive repairs. The extra-long handles allow you to provide tension from any angle, just like the custom Knipex pliers. The overall length of the 8551250A is approximately 13″ long. Spring leg supports less hand-force pressure and a handy work light illuminates your workspace via the integrated LED light.

The diagonal jaw spring clamp pliers 8551250A enable the user to work safely and comfortably in all working positions. The forged heads with hardened teeth guarantee maximum grip force, tear-proof handles provide a firm hold, and the soft PVC grips ensure a safe and fatigue-free work.

Knipex 8551250A Spring Hose Clamp Pliers: Quick and easy adjustment

The Knipex 8551250A Spring Hose Clamp Pliers are made for installing and adjusting spring clamps in the 6 to 17 mm range (1/4 to 3/4 inch) without having to attach or remove an adapter. The pliers feature curved, slip-free tips that slide smoothly into the clamp area. The integrated 1/4″ drive socket with hex opening makes tightening fasteners simple.

The efficient Knipex 850 series offers all those who work with hoses the ideal solution for tightening, as it makes hand movements unnecessary due to its “twin-motion” mechanism. The pliers glide back and forth smoothly over the hose clamp and can be operated both right- or left-handed. Innovative knurled nut securely locks in the desired adjusting position. Spring wire clamps are integrated into the body of the tool to prevent them from slipping off and causing injury while working. Integrated ferrules make length adjustments possible without the use of tools.

Get a grip on your jobs with this heavy-duty hose clamp pliers. Made of forged high-quality steel, this tool helps you make even the most stubborn clamp adjustments in no time.

Knipex 8551250A Spring Hose Clamp Pliers: Works well even in confined spaces

The Knipex 8551250A Spring Hose Clamp Pliers works even in confined spaces. The innovative modular system for changing the pliers head and the exchangeable anvil allows a wide variety of applications. This 12.5-inch plier is comfortable and provides user comfort by its user-friendly shape and efficient operation. The knipex 8551250A spring hose clamp pliers are designed to overcome the difficulties of working in enclosed spaces. These spring clamp pliers have a grooved handle for improved grip even with wet hands, a plastic-coated jaw cover that prevents damage to the clamping area and a short nose design for opening clamps without damaging plastic or rubber hoses.

Work comfortably even in confined spaces – the independent opening mechanism of the Knipex hose clamp pliers allows both electrician’s pliers and gas pliers to be used accurately and also prevents contact between both of them when they are opened. The plier surfaces have been precision ground. Hooded nose pliers with thread cutting edge, precise and smooth toothed joint adjustment for the collar allows perfect setting and a streamlined design, jaws for flat cable strippers for a secure hold, stainless steel handle. Actuation with one hand possible by means of push button.

These Knipex pliers have a serrated jaw, designed to grab stainless steel bands on fuel lines and oil line. Plus, they’ll hold your nuts firmly in place while you’re tightening the bolt. And they’ll do it in tight places, where you can’t get at them with your regular pliers. You never know when you’re going to need them – so keep a pair in your toolbox. Because working on cars can be hard work!

Knipex 8551250A Spring Hose Clamp Pliers: Non-slip and comfortable handles

The Knipex 855.12.50A Spring Hose Clamp Pliers is a handy tool for every workshop. Whether at your home or the work site, this tool works with every hardness and every diameter in the 30-160 mm range. The spring clamp pliers can be fixed to their wide handles facilitating adjustment of pliers for each job. The ergonomic handle shape ensures maximum comfort during use. A soft grip surface provides optimal sensitivity and working guidance for handling even wear resistant hose clamps. The cutting and stripping teeth are made of high-performance matrix steel and solve a number of tasks with precise positioning.

Best Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers: HFS 16141

The new HFS 16141 Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers provide the perfect solution for working on large projects involving a lot of hose clamps and are recommended by Autoblog, Popular Mechanics, and Men’s Health.

The CablePro HFS 16141 is a Professional Long Reach Hose Clamp Plier that will make the most difficult jobs easy! It is used to open and close long reach clamps such as those found on industrial air lines, fuel lines, oil coolers, water lines, and any other place pesky clamps can hide. The new HFS-16141 Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers may seem like a luxury tool, but they can save time and effort by getting into hard-to-reach places, where ordinary pliers can’t. This is due to the 16″ tube of the long reach hose clamp pliers, which allows you to be able to reach clamps at a significant distance.

The innovative Best Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers features long jaw to provide a longer clamping range in a narrow, lightweight, and compact design. The long jaw is 1-3/4 inches. It works great for hydraulic fittings, air conditioning systems, tubing, and so much more. These long reach hose clamp pliers have a jaw length of 2 1/16 “, and reach the hard to get to hose clamps on both the inlet and outlet side of your hoses. The jaw opening is just over 5/8″ wide, making it easy to pinch the tightest of clamps.

HFS Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers are the best choice for automotive technicians. With a 1-7/8″ (48.26mm) jaw opening and 16” (406.4mm) long, serrated handle, this dual pulley clamp plier reaches deep into the engine bay without bending down or using a stool. Made with special high-strength polymer material, these hose clamp pliers have a six times higher strength to weight ratio than aluminum products, so they’re lightweight and ultra-strong! The built-in rubber sheath around the handle gives users ultimate comfort.

The Best Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers are made from high quality M2 high carbon steel, this means they will cut through any clamps quickly and easily. They have been designed with an added long reach feature which gives you more working distance, making it easier to take the clamps off of large diameter pipes, such as a truck’s exhaust pipes. Another handy feature is that they have direction arrow markings on the handles, no more wondering which way around to put the pliers on. The rubber handle grip is comfortable to hold and the edges have been rolled to make them safer to use.

HFS 16141 Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers: Very ideal for use in awkward places

The HFS 16141 Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers allows you to compress any soft, malleable, and small diameter of hose clamps quickly and easily. These pliers are ideal for use in awkward places that a standard clamp pliers cannot reach, and can be used on the outside and inside of a hoses since one side is designed with a long & narrow jaw for clamping work while the other is designed with a short & wide jaw bent at an angle for easy removal.

Some clamps are too short to allow installation or removal. The WALTON HFS 16141 Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers have been designed for use in awkward places. Operating with adjustable jaws and a locking grip handle, they can be used with natural or artificial rubber and non-metallic hoses as well as thermoplastic hoses.

The multi-groove padded jaws of the Xuron HFS 16141 Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers grips both flat and round pinch closed hose clamps. The special design allows you to reach clamps in tight places where it is difficult to access. They come with a durable moulded handle for comfort and an ergonomic trigger grip with thumb rest and finger indentation. The spring return mechanism helps save your energy so you can use it again and again.

HFS 16141 Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers: Works well in confined areas

The HFS 16141 Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers features a long reach jaw that allows working in confined areas for easy clamping. The plier’s jaws are constructed of heat treated steel and able to easily resist oils, greases and salt. In addition, the clamp pliers utilize a stopper pin for additional holding power.

Have you ever reached down into a tight place (like under the hood of your car) to remove two clamps with one hand while trying to hold the hoses with the other, only to have the hoses slip out of your fingers and hit you in the head? If so, then these long reach hose clamp pliers are designed for you. With a flexible ratcheting mechanism and pneumatically-assisted opening jaws, these long reach hose clamp pliers allow you to loosen or tighten two clamps or collars at once. They work well in confined areas (like under your car), on brake lines or fuel.

Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers make it easy to access hard-to-reach hose clamps and fittings. The long nose design lets you grab a clamp that you couldn’t get before. And the wide jaw opening makes clamp removal easier, you can easily remove a clamp that’s even been over tightened.

HFS 16141 Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers: More comfortable handle

Long-reach hose clamp pliers with 16-Inch extra length make clamping hose ends to the correct measurement a snap. The length of these hose clamps when measured from the end of the band is 1.25 Inch, and the overall length is 19 inches. The jaws are spring loaded, and can flex up to 21 degrees without becoming open. If you are tired of struggle with your current hose clamp pliers set, this long-reach tool will make your job easier and quicker.

The HFS 16141 Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers are designed to be more comfortable, allowing for easier usage. The handle is ergonomically shaped to reduce hand and wrist strain during use, while the high visibility orange color makes it easy to find in low light settings. While the hose clamp pliers are perfect for quickly securing or releasing hoses from fittings and unions, its ability to work with various sizes of hoses make it an ideal tool for jobs around the house or under the hood of a car.

HFS is a leading manufacturer in the automotive tool industry. All of HFS’s products are produced extremely well, and the Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers are no exception. It is a great product to have on hand if you work in an auto repair shop, or do much of your own car maintenance work. These pliers use 2 hardened steel surfaces to grip the hose clamps, ensuring an unwavering and reliable grip every time you use these pliers. Because they are made from steel instead of plastic you don’t have to worry about the pliers breaking when used on harder metal objects.

HFS 16141 Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers: Long and flexible shaft

Our Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers are designed with long and flexible shaft that allows you to reach hard-to-access places. Designed along with the patented locking mechanism that quickly and easily secures the hose clamp to the pipes, this plier is perfect for working with fuel lines of motorcycles, boats and many other applications. Our long reach hose clamp pliers are ideal for accessing hard to get to, round hose clamps. The open wide jaw design and premium grip handles allows for quick clamping and adjustments.

Long Reach Clamp Pliers provide the maximum leverage of any clamp plier on the market. The unique patented offset handle design and included anvils provide professional results with less effort. High strength torsion springs are computer tested to be sure they won’t weaken during use.



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