Buckle Clamps Manufacturer, Supplier and Stockist

A buckle clamp is a type of hose clamp with a buckle in it to allow it to be released quickly. A buckle clamp may also be referred to as a figure eight or eight loop clamp. It is used on high-pressure hoses that cannot be cut off and is clamped tightly onto the hose (instead of using threaded fittings).

Aggarwal & Sons Buckle Clamp uses a simple but effective design to keep straps secure and out of the way. The buckle clamp has a patent pending design that is simple yet highly effective and strong. It is made from aluminum and can withstand up to 150kg (330lbs).

These high-end buckle clamps offer a superior way to join items of different sizes. They are made from aluminum and feature a shaft that is hexagonal in shape with indentations that place the vise on your project. The clamp itself has large, parallel jaws that have been coated to avoid damage to your project and are anodized to suit any type of lifestyle.

These buckle clamps are designed for the most common pipe sizes. There is a choice of three different lengths of screw, and a large nut to hold the split ring firmly in position. The plastic handle has marks on it at each quarter of a turn. This helps you to achieve an accurate setting so that you can be sure that the clamp will tighten properly.