Ear Clamps Manufacturer, Supplier and Stockist

The ear hose clamp is made of ABS material with a nice springiness, which can be famous as the best quality ear hose clamp manufacturer. Ear-Clamps provide a simple and inexpensive means of attaching to soft or hard rubbers, plastics and the like. They are very versatile and can be used on virtually any shape or size cylindrical object. Each ear-clamp consists of a standard molded rubber and snap-action type clamping mechanism. Regular ear-clamps can be used to mount wire products, plastic parts, rubber pieces, tubing and more.

Ear clamps are one of the most popular accessories for producing rubber or plastic gaskets and seals. The ear clamp design allows for unlimited positioning by just closing the jaw more or less. The material being bonded will not need to be heated by the application of a heat source (hot plate, oven, or infrared) with clamp pliers and can be done at room temperature.

Our Ear Clamps are easy to use and, unlike other ear clamps, come in a variety of standard and metric sizes. They are used to hold the nozzle or sealing ring portion of gasket and seal making machines. The durable steel design offers longevity in production and is available with single, double or triple arms which allow for an integrated design when using three clamping arms.

The clamp is closed by bringing together the two ear pieces. Clamping the earpieces creates a maximum diameter reduction. To use the clamp, first open it by pinching with your thumb and index finger. Then lay the clamp piece over your ear and squeeze both ear pieces together to create a tight seal.