High Torque Hose Clamp Manufacturer, Supplier and Stockist

This is a new high torque hose clamp which has been designed to meet the tight throat design requirement in Automotive, Heavy duty equipment and all the industrial sectors. It has been developed to improve the performance of other inferior hose clamps that cannot achieve the same levels of productivity and effectiveness in the market today.

Aggarwal & Sons offers high torque clamp with a locking nut that provides heavy duty performance in a compact lightweight clamp. It features range of capacities from 3″ to 4″ (80mm to 100mm) and the weight is less than one pound. The design of Aggarwal & Sons clamp uses the same three components as our other high torque hose clamps, the low-profile cam, the low-profile cam clip and the tension spring. Each component must be designed with exacting tolerances to provide smooth operation over a wide range of diameters and mating surfaces.

Our company has been committed to the manufacture and development of hose clamp for more than 20 years, in the process of continuous research, development of excellent products come out one after another, we can say that our products is quite popular among our customers at home and abroad. We will continue to serve our best efforts to you!

What are the different types of high torque hose clamps?

There are four main types of high torque hose clamps to choose from, each one a little different in its clamping style. The Pinch-type is the most common type of clamp available and uses two separate jaws that pinch the hose against the exterior ring for a firm and secure fit. The Pipe-Type is large enough to accommodate your plumbing or hosing by pinching around them with just one jaw of the clamp. A Pair of Sided Clamps allows you to use one clamp for each side of your project, making this style a must for round projects too large for one Clamp.

High Torque hose clamps are the easiest to tighten, and if you make sure that the hose is properly aligned, work the best. The most common types are the Ansi style that have two holes. These look like a “C”, with one end crimped over and a slot in it for a screwdriver or other tool to fit through. There is also what’s called a self-gripping (or cinch clamp) that doesn’t need holes to be drilled into the part.

What is the high torque hose clamp uses?

The high torque hose clamp is the next generation of hose clamps that are simple to use and easy to adjust. This product was developed for vehicle owners who want to be able to quickly secure their hoses without damaging the hose or their vehicle, without utilizing compressors or any special equipment. The high torque hose clamp allows you to simply place the hose clamp around the hose and tighten using an adjustable wheel which takes less than 30 seconds. With different size and strength options, you can choose exactly what you need depending on your needs.

The High Torque Hose Clamp features a high-torque spring mechanism for easy operation and quick clamping of hoses with less effort than traditional hose clamps. It also features an integrated locking system that will hold the clamp in the open or closed position. This is especially useful when the application requires a constant-tension clamp to be applied for extended periods of time, such as a paint gun or air compressor. Other features include a wedge lock that allows tension to be adjusted and its own integral release lever for easy operation, eliminating the need for an additional tool.

What are the advantages of high torque hose clamp over conventional clamps?

The advantages of high torque hose clamp over conventional clamps are well documented. Clamping power and hose protection can be gained by using a patented high torque hose clamp to assure the hydraulic hose, cable or rubber hoses don’t get chafed, damaged or pinched because of vibrations caused by rough surfaces, loose tolerances and temperature changes during device assembly.

High torque hose clamps are made from stainless steel and have rubber buffers which can prevent the hose damage. You don’t have to cut off the clamp when disconnecting the hose, making it simple and convenient to use. High torque hose clamp has better sealing ability compared with conventional clamp so that it can effectively avoid leakage caused by leakage of bolts and screws. It can also remove oil stains from your driveway and help you out of trouble when replacing the air filter.

High torque hose clamps are tighter and more durable than traditional hose clamps. A variety of thicknesses are available to accommodate differing thicknesses of materials and the tension can easily be adjusted for a custom fit. They also allow for easy clamping without the need for tools- simply tighten by hand! What’s more, they hold so well that they lock onto themselves, making them both easier to apply and stronger as compared to other clamps. Clamp length adjustments available on most models will ensure you get a perfect fit in even the most complicated projects.

What are the things high torque hose clamps can do for you?

High torque hose clamps pinch your hose tightly. They’re designed to withstand the hot and cold temperatures found in garages, work sites, barns and around homes in just about any climate. They’re constructed of heavy metal or long-lasting plastic to protect against leakage and have a smooth coating that allows them to be tightened with minimal effort.

High torque hose clamps are designed to keep heavier items stable while protecting them from scratches and scuffs. This makes it convenient to store heavier, more fragile items in closets, under beds and more. High torque hose clamps don’t block air flow. This allows your engine to cycle and breathe better, which in turn creates a cooler running motor.