Hose Clamps for Aviation Industries

The hose clamp is used to keep the series hose and wire together. In aviation industry, it is mainly used for the aircraft air compressor motor hose to connect of aircraft air compressor motor and air pressure system. Besides, it is also used in other places such as some auto parts, electronic products. It is a common fastener we can find in daily life.

Hose clamps are standardized and have been totally refined, to fit from a tiny size to the largest size. Specifications may differ from country to country but usually you can recognize the hose clamp by their square or oval ferrule.

Maintain your aircraft’s exterior in top condition with the Hose Clamp, 1 inch in diameter. Ideal for use on aircraft and aircraft components, this hose clamp is made of black nickel-plated steel and designed to fit 1 inch diameter lines. With an impressive tensile strength of up to 2,520 psi and a working pressure of up to 700 psi, it will keep engines, tanks, and other parts securely fastened with a customizable fit.

To effectively seal a hose where it exits the aircraft you need a metal band clamp. This clamp slips over the end of the hose and is clamped in place by a locking mechanism. The locking mechanism varies depending on the part number but they are all accessible with an Allen wrench. There are many different types of hose clamps in order to accommodate the wide range of aircraft sizes and applications.

The hose clamp is used on piping systems for the purpose of supporting hoses or connections that are too large to seal with a gasket. The clamp provides the flexibility to compress around a wide variety of pipe sizes without releasing pressure, which helps maintain proper levels without leaks. It is most useful in fluid applications with sufficient pressure to force the clamp open.

Hose Clamps are generally applied in the aerospace and electronics industries for high temperature and pressure sealing. It is used as the hose joint of fluid power components, which facilitates removal of the outer and inner bore of hoses and tubes, prevent leakage, clamp connection parts.

Hose clamp is one of the most important aviation fasteners, and it is widely used in airsoft guns, DVD players, car accessories for charging, oil equipment etc. In addition to that, hose clamps can effectively avoid leakage at connections of rubber hoses and cables. And there are many ways which a hose clamp can be applied in aviation industry such as hooking up the hose of fuel pump, gascolator filter, analyzing system oil pump etc.

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