Hose Clamps for Plumbing Industries

Hose clamps are applied widely in the various plumbing industry. They are the simplest devices used for affixing sections of pipe to reinforce their joints, stop leaks or holding them in position. The device consists of a length of metal bar bent into a U-shape. The bar is curved inward on each end and has screw thread on one end and a ring on the other. Hose clamps provide a permanent method of securing a flexible hose to an object without solder or other metal fastener products required.

Hose Clamps manufactured out of high-grade quality spring steel, brass and aluminium are not only used in Water pipes and Hoses but also used in number of industries.

The superb manufacturing of our Hose Clamp is ideal for use on copper or galvanized steel water supply lines. Easy to use, it requires no bending of the hose and helps secure water hose lines during install. The liner inside the clamp provides a snug fit to help avoid leaks.

Our Plumbers Hose Clamp is a common type of clamp, typically constructed from metal wire. They seize the hose tightly. A hose clamp is used to fasten two objects together by encircling one or the other with metal, such as a bolt or screw.

Why hose clamp is needed in the plumbing industry: There are various uses of hose clamp in the plumbing industry. The common one is to hold the tile in place on the floor or wall. Without a hose clamp, you cannot fix the tile properly. Some other common uses of these clamps are to hold the pipes together and attach them to the wall and ceiling. A large number of manufacturers make these clamp in different sizes and different materials like  ms wire hose clampss wire hose clampms worm drive hose clampss worm drive hose clampms t-bolt hose clampss t-bolt hose clamp and many others.

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