Hose Clamps Manufacturer, Supplier and Stockist in Mumbai

Aggarwal & Sons is a renowned name engaged in the manufacturing of superior quality hose clamps in Mumbai, India. Manufactured by using supreme grade raw material and sophisticated techniques, these clamps are highly demanded among our patrons.

The hose clamp is manufactured by the clamping of metal bands on a rubber tube. The result is an excellent grip on the hose. Aggarwal & Sons is a renowned hose clamp manufacturer & Supplier in Mumbai, India. We design and manufacture this product with precision and high-quality raw materials that ensure its user friendliness. We offer these products at cost effective prices.

Hoses can come in many sizes and shapes, but the clamping method is always the same. You slip it over the hose to keep it tight, and slip it off when you’re done. Aggarwal & Sons offers a diverse range of hose clamps for use in your home or workshop. Browse our collection and find more than 40 + different styles at very competitive prices.

For fine finishing, optimum flow & pressure characteristics, modern day material technology is used. We manufacture various types of hose clamps that are suitable for various industries like automobile, chemical industry, chemical processing plants, sugar mills, oil refineries, firefighting equipment and steel plant etc.

A hose clamp is a type of fastener used to attach an object or fixture to an adjacent object. Hose clamps are installed using a screwdriver or hex-key wrench, and allow for objects to be easily separated with a simple loosening of the screw. The uses for hose clamps are almost endless, and can be used for securing large equipment, spray nozzles, and even hoses to extenders.

Hose clamps are great for clamping pipes, cables, hoses to other objects. Self-tightening feature makes the hose clamp one of the most popular fastening options for all sorts of households and commercial applications. No wonder you’re here on our website! We have a huge selection of different types of hose clamps to match what you need.

Used in virtually all industries, including agriculture, auto racing, construction, trucking and forestry, hose clamps are an effective way to maintain the security of hoses. The several varieties of hose clamps manufactured by Aggarwal & Sons include strap clamps, adjustable clamps and screw band clamps for a multitude of different applications.

This material is designed to withstand high pressure and temperature. This spring-loaded, stainless steel hose clamp is the ultimate choice for high-temperature vacuum applications with heavy industrial vacuum hoses.

The benefits of hose clamps: Hose clamps of all sizes are available in round, oval and rectangular shapes for sealing both hose and pipe connections. This clamp is made of metal with rubber gripping rings providing a great seal over the pipe or hose. Use this to keep coolant from leaking out because it has a flexible rubber clamp that can be adjusted to size and a double locking head. The cylinder size is 90 degrees and works best on round tubes.

Hose clamps are a convenient way to organize hoses in your car: When you need to temporarily organize and store hoses in your car or truck, nothing beats a flexible hose clamp. A hose clamp enables you to put a temporary kink in the hose itself, and then wrap the hose around it to hold it in place.

The Most Popular Hose Clamps: Hose clamps are commonly used in home and work to clamp different shaped objects. They have many uses which include woodworking, plumbing, automotive, and gardening. Available in both stainless steel and plastic versions, these clamps are suitable for a large variety of tasks.

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