Hose Clamps Manufacturer, Supplier and Stockist in Vadodara

Get the best quality hose clamps from the experienced professionals at Aggarwal & sons based in Vadodara. These hose clamps come in different grades and silicon bronze materials, including 40+ shapes and sizes. All of our products are first in quality and do not fail with time. Customers have always rated our products highly and we remain dedicated to offer excellent service to all clients. The durability of our products makes us stand out from others. The thick layers of silicon bronze ensure that there is less wear and tear over time while they stay pliable even after many seasons of use.

We offer the best quality hose clamps in Vadodara. Hose clamps are used for connecting hoses to tubing for stopping the flow of fluid. Hose clamps come in various materials and sizes. Our firm is a leading exporter and distributor of hose clamp in Vadodara. Our clients use these hose clamps in oil, gas, pulp, paper and many other industries. Hose clamps have wide applications in nuclear power plants and chemical factories. We manufacture many sizes of hose clamps in Vadodara and deliver them at low costs to our clients. We are one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of various kinds of hose clamps which includes include ms wire hose clamp, ss wire hose clamp, ms worm drive hose clamp, ss worm drive hose clamp, ms t-bolt hose clamp, ss t-bolt hose clamp and many more and we have been serving the market since 2002.


Hose clamps are an essential part in the attachment of any hose to a machinery or equipment. Made from rustproof material, these clamps are manufactured by our skilled professionals and have in-depth knowledge about this division. The major components that are used in their manufacturing are steel, brass, iron and machined aluminium. Depending on their varied use and purpose, they come in multiple sizes, designs and dimensions.

Hose clamp uses and benefits…

  1. The hose clamps are guaranteed to make your air, oil, and liquid lines leak proof and they help protect against damage. They are made of high-quality material and stainless steel is used to make them rust resistant too.
  2. The clamps are ideal for clamping any water or gas pipe, hose etc. to prevent the leakage of liquids or gases, the soft clamp provides easy movement that makes it extremely durable and suitable for casual household use, where there are concerns about the quality of screw, we have come up with our own product based on customer’s requirement.
  3. Durable and reliable, our plumbing clamps are the perfect solution to prevent you from leaks. Soft yet strong enough for all kinds of pipes, they’re perfect for DIY and household use!

Our clamps are made of a waterproof and unbreakable material. They’re extremely easy to install and reposition, making them the perfect solution for a variety of leaks. Don’t wait any longer to protect your pipes!

Our pipe clamps are designed to be durable and reliable. They’re perfect for all kinds of DIY projects around the house, including installing new fixtures and plumbing pipes!