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When you need to secure a hose, say on an automobile or between two machines, a hose clamp is an effective way to maintain the security. We offer a selection of hose clamps that specialize in different industries and applications.

Hose clamps are a fast, reliable way to maintain the security of hoses. The bright red finish makes it easy to identify clamp leaks with a quick visual inspection. A curved shank design and slotted style jaws make installation easy, even in confined spaces.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and materials, hose clamps often feature plastic-coated wire mesh that allows for high water pressure to pass through without splitting, cracking or leaking. Often used in water and air system applications, hose clamps also prevent leakage at the joints between hoses and mesh.

A hose clamp is an ideal way to hold two separate lengths of tubing or pipeline together. They can be used with metal, plastic, rubber and electric cables of all sizes at high and low pressure. The fastening band has 360 degrees of movement, which means it can hold hoses in place without them slipping.

Featuring a variety of sizes and shapes, hose clamps are very useful for all kinds of applications. They have spring tension that applies an even force with the compression ring around the hose. Made of stainless steel and nickel, these hose clamps are durable and rust-proof. The smooth gripping surface makes connecting or disconnecting hoses easier for novices as well as experienced professionals.

Made from high-quality materials, our hose clamps bring you durability and peace of mind. Our design is simple, which makes it easy to install and remove.

Hose clamps are used to adjust the size of a pipe or tube and are commonly found in plumbing, air conditioning, household drains, and other engineering systems. Aggarwal & Sons offers a wide selection of hose clamps in a variety of materials and sizes to ensure proper functionality. Our hose clamps can be used in all sorts of applications including automotive, plumbing, laboratory, HVAC, industrial machinery, and more. Browse our full catalogue of hose clamps today.

Hose clamps are an interesting product. The main purpose of hose clamps is to pressure-adjust a pipe and join two parts together. While they’re very basic in their design–basically just a metal loop with a bolt for tightening–the potential applications are endless. Pipe Hose Clamps consist of a band made of a hard (usually ferrous) metal that has teeth on it, connected to a soft (usually nonferrous) metal jaw that holds the hose. When you squeeze the two parts together, the teeth in the band grab onto the material and tighten around it. To separate them, you either pull or twist them apart. Get your hands on some as soon.

Working to prevent leaks in virtually all industries, including agriculture, auto racing, construction, trucking and forestry, hose clamps are an effective way to maintain the security of hoses. Our hose clamps are manufactured with durable, galvanized steel wire springs and molded plastic housings that securely fit around different hose sizes while preventing chafing and creating air tight seals. These non-corrosive galvanized steel clamps can withstand temperatures ranging between -40°F and 257°F before cracking or becoming brittle. With our range of sizes available in packages of 50 or 100 clamps.

With their convenient design, hose clamps make it easy to quickly secure hoses without the need for tools. They are effective in nearly every industry, including agriculture, auto racing, construction, trucking and forestry to name a few. We also carry clamps for common sizes of air hoses, vacuum hoses and hydraulic hoses for even more versatility.

Equipment that requires hose clamping for secure hosing needs, like construction equipment and machinery, can be complicated to fix or replace. That’s where our hose clamps come in. Easily installed by hand, this product is a quick and simple way to keep hoses secure and prevent leaks.

Hose clamps are used on all types of hoses in virtually all industries. They’re a functional, compact, and economical way to ensure hoses don’t leak or lose pressure. They’re easy to use and remove, and available in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any application.

To help prevent hose failure, add hose clamps to your next order of new hoses. Hose clamps are used to close the end of a hose and maintain the seal. Each clamp is typically made from metal or plastic. A ratchet jaws on the clamp allow for easy application.

If you’re looking for leak-proof hose clamps that won’t corrode, our hose clamps are made to suit a variety of applications.

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