Robust Hose Clamp Manufacturer, Supplier and Stockist

We are the leading manufacturer of Robust Hose Clamp in India.  With quality guaranteed and a philosophy of customer satisfaction, we service a wide range of applications.  Our products are used in the automotive, hydraulics, marine and other industries. We supply an extensive range of hose clamps along with a variety of other industrial fasteners. Thus, we can fulfill the needs you have for hose clamps for your application.

With professional factory, we are able to offer you the best quality and competitive price of Robust Hose Clamp. Most of our products are sold to different parts of India. We welcome your inquiries and specific requests for any of our products in stock. We have been offering our products both on the OEM markets and to distributors from all over the India.

Our company specializes in manufacturing a wide variety of robust hose clamps. They are made out of two lugs that are interlocked with each other and have their own positioning on the clamping area so that they could close the hose tightly without any possible escape.

What is a Robust Hose Clamp?

A Robust Hose Clamp is a high-quality hose clamp made from 316 stainless steel sources. The end of the clamp is then heat treated to increase its tensile strength and prevent it from becoming loose or breaking when putting pressure on the clamp. A robust hose clamp can be used to hold hoses, water lines, gas lines, air lines and any type of hose together.

A robust Hose clamp is a clamp that is used on hoses that carry different types of liquids and gases. The true benefit of this hose clamp is that they can be used for almost any application. There are many different designs to choose from, however the design of a robust hose clamp is such that it offers strength and versatility.

Robust Hose Clamps are great methods of attaching pneumatic hoses to valves, fittings and plumbing. The great thing about these hose clamps is that they are easy to put on and require a little skill with your hands. They are composed of an adjustable wingnut, two brackets and a clamp.

Classic design of robust hose clamp allows for a wide variety of applications and accommodates virtually any type and size of hose. These clamps are exceptionally strong for superior durability, feature zinc-plated steel construction for maximum corrosion resistance and are designed to hold tight under pressure and in all conditions.

Why robust hose clamp is the best hose clamp?

Robust hose clamp is manufactured with robust rubber, robust iron and the latest machines. This makes it has good weather resistance, high anti-corrosion ability, long service life and high production efficiency etc. Robust hose clamp can prevent the consequences including fire, electric shock, traffic accidents and other hazards caused by the communication failure between motor and water pump. In this case, the water circulation of whole system was stopped instantly by robust hose clamp. The pump was forced to stop working; thus, the chances of the fire were avoided.

What is the difference between Robust Hose Clamps and other clamps?

Robust Hose Clamps are the ideal choice for hoses that are constantly exposed to grease, oil and other harsh chemicals, making them the perfect addition to your farm, industrial or factory equipment. The heavy-gauge steel design of Robust Hose Clamps contains a spring which provides a constant tension. This maintains a uniform clamping force throughout the clamp’s life and resists loosening due to vibration.  Robust Hose Clamps are made for tough jobs while saving you time and money. Featuring a patented technology, they are easy to install and won’t slip off like other clamps. These clamps lock in place so no tools are needed.   Excellent gripping power and durable stainless steel ensure maximum performance.

How to Open a Robust Hose Clamp?

It’s not easy for most to open a robust hose clamp, since it requires strength to move the big flathead screwdriver around under the tabs of the bolt and pry it off. With handy Hose Clamp Plier Wrench, you can easily open up your stubborn hose clamps in just a few seconds without straining yourself.