Spring Hose Clamp Manufacturer, Supplier and Stockist

We are the leading manufacturers of spring hose clamp. Our products including all common sizes & non-standard sizes and diameters can be produced according to customer’s requirements. Our hose clamps are rigid and sturdy, manufactured using the latest technology with the extremely high tensile strength spring steel. These clamps are flexible and easy to install in very less time.

Our spring hose clamps are made by patented steel wire drawing method, and they have advantages of high-precision, high tensile strength, perfect compression property, good resistance to corrosion and so on. In recent years, we have pushed forward steadily the level of technology and quality management system. We provide customers good products with reasonable price.

Our spring hose clamp (also known as ratchet type hose clamp or flat clamp) are mainly used in the industrial and automotive markets. They are available in single and double spring versions. Our clamps are designed to be used on metal hoses, but can also be used with other materials including glass fiber reinforced plastics, cardboard and Kraft paper.

What is spring hose clamp?

Spring hose clamp is a single-use clamp device, its main function is to clamp the hose end when there are potential risks of external damage and leakage caused by the hose. Spring hose clamp can not only effectively prevent damage caused by great force or vibration, but also reduce the maintenance cost for plant maintenance personnel. Normally, we called spring hose clamp as oil-free hose clamp, because it does not need to be oiled to prevent from rusting. This type of steel spring hose clamp does not require other special requirements on the base pipe material.

What are the features of spring hose clamp?

The spring hose clamp is specially designed for the garden heavy duty sprayers, this product features a pneumatic spring that closes down on the bottom hole of the tube and can be applied to use on all kinds of hoses with the diameter of 4 ~ 10.8mm. It also uses 2 different plastic materials for both handle and body to ensure the durability of products.

Anchor and clamshell type spring hose clamps are widely used as the support for pneumatic tools, air hose connector and electric wiring on machinery, electric and electronic products. The usage of product is suitable for universal clamping all kinds of general hoses. Anchor spring hose clamp is recommended to be installed at the end of hose to fasten the hose and to fix the position where drilling machine or boring tool stands erect. It guarantees convenient maintenance condition and secure performance of operations.

How to choose the best quality spring hose clamp?

A good spring clamp can last up to 12 years. It is important that you choose a high-quality hose clamp in order to ensure its long life. Proper care and use will make your hose clamp last longer and perform better. The best spring clamps feature a stainless-steel construction with ergonomic levers, making them easy to operate. Remember, there is a difference between cheap and inexpensive, but don’t believe all of the hype, check the specification on the packaging to be sure!

How to remove spring hose clamps?

On most vehicles and equipment, especially on fuel lines, the hoses are clamped with spring hose clamps. When removing these clamps, they can be difficult to remove without damaging the hose or clamp. In order to help loosen stuck or rusted clamps, try spraying penetrating oil on the underside of each clamp. Let it set for a few minutes and then attempt to remove the clamp with a pair of vice grips.

How to install spring hose clamps?

Spring hose clamps can be installed using a regular pair of pliers (tongs). Wrap the hose clamp around the barbed coupling and position it so that the pin falls in place for securing. The barbed coupling should be facing you. Squeeze the jaws of pliers together. This is most easily done with two hands, holding each end of the clamp with one hand and holding the pliers in your other hand.

How to tighten spring hose clamps?

There are many tools made for clamping hoses and lines but if you don’t have one, a crescent wrench will work, to insert the wedge in the place of the hook. Traditional hose clamps use a tightening lever that slides up and down the clamp. When it is fully compressed, flip over the clamp and push it all the way down to get an idea how far down it can go. On some clamps there are 8 positions this space can be set with a flat blade screwdriver to tighten or loosen them.