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We are a leading manufacturer of SS U Bolt clamp in Faridabad, India. We can custom product with your request and we are looking forward to have long time business with you.

As we mentioned above that our company is a leading manufacturer of ss u bolt clamp and our U Bolt clamp ranges from 4-100mm. They can be used in railway, fire control systems, shipbuilding, naval architectures, mining workings, lifting machine and other industrial fields. We are specializing in every industry over 20 years. All our products are with high precision. We keep enough stocks for your requirements. Looking forward to your inquiry!

The ss u bolt clamp is a fast and effective way to contain a wire in an electrical enclosure, vault, ceiling, or anywhere secure clamping is required. This clamp is machined from solid stainless steel and has a load capacity of 50 lbs.

We offer the best quality products at competitive prices

At manufacturer of ss u bolt clamp we offer the best quality products at competitive prices. You are welcome to check our quotation with any other suppliers. For your convenience, we can provide you with prompt delivery, experienced after-sale service.

Our company specializes in the production and processing of stainless-steel U Bolt clamp, stainless steel spring washer, ball screw nut, stainless steel threaded rod. Our company has accumulated rich experience in manufacturing stainless steel fasteners more than 20 years. Trust us, you will get first-class products and first-class service from us.

All our products are made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity

Whether you are designing a civil structure or mechanical equipment, we have the right part for your needs. Our team of engineers and designers will assist you in creating the most cost-effective design possible and get it to market ahead of the competition. We currently offer over 10 different U Bolt clamps that will fit any application imaginable.

As we mentioned above that we manufacturer an extensive range of heavy duty / light duty SS u bolt clamp, Stainless steel u bolt clamp, SS u bolt clamp assembly, clamps screw and nut etc. These are high-performance high-quality products. We have some special type of customized products according to customer’s specification. It has been exported to many cities in India. We hope to establish long-term business relationship with you through providing competitive price and good service. Also, we can produce according to your drawings and samples or packing labels.

Whether you use our u bolts in trucks, agriculture equipment, shipping equipment for transport vehicles or any other type of application requiring a swivel or swiveling u bolts clamp, rest assured that your products will withstand the wear and tear needed to keep everything up to date and operational. With variety of sizes, variety of threads available and our strict inspection process, we are able to adjust the requirements of any industry with quality products.

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What are the benefits of using SS U Bolt clamp?

A ss u bolt clamp saves money in the long run because it is durable. It makes sure that items are balanced, so they do not fall over. The clamp system keeps items secure and helps ensure green product handling, which helps to preserve the environment. The operational side of the clamp system is also worth mentioning because it offers fast release and re-clamping functions. These features help the ss u bolt clamp save time, which gives you an opportunity to invest your time into other important tasks.

The ss u bolt clamp is a type of single point attachment. It has a 1.25″ shank and the stem comes from the clamp side of the part. Its main characteristics are that it is very stiff, especially when used in conjunction with a backing washer. This simple design allows for easy installation and removal of parts on the line while being inexpensive and very effective. Some of its applications are to hold pipes or tools to boxes, emergency brake lines or landing gear back-up pins against boxes, as well as holding belts, hoses and lines to machine pallets.

How to use SS U Bolt clamps?

There are a variety of different uses for ss u bolt clamps. A U Bolt clamp is basically two pieces that come together to close around an object to hold it in place. For this reason, they are ideal for many types of applications including plumbing, automotive, recreational, transportation and even human applications. Some possible uses may include: repairing landscaping structures, clamping a pipe together while you work, or attaching your air conditioner to the outside wall of your home or business.