T Bolt MS Hose Clamps Manufacturer, Supplier and Stockist

Our company Aggarwal and Sons has many years of experience and engaged in the manufacturing, supply, export and trading of a wide range of hose clamps which includes worm drive ms hose clamp, worm drive ss hose clamp, ms double wire hose clamp, ss double wire hose clamp and t-bolt ms hose clamp. This hose clamp range is used for a wide range of applications which includes general, railway, telecommunications and automotive industries.

Our company is founded on the principles of innovation and refinement. The entire T-bolt ms hose clamp range has been designed and developed in full compliance with the highest international quality standards. We also allocate a lot of resources to our research and development programs to create innovative and state-of-the-art technology breakthroughs for t-bolt ms hose clamp range. Additionally, we have a team of highly skilled workforce which is the most valuable asset of the company. Thanks to their complete dedication and unwavering efforts, we were able to reach a new level of accomplishment.

Why T-Bolt MS Hose Clamp?

The agricultural and Manufacturing industries have used several products to see their job is done successfully. Getting the best T-bolt clamp will be a perfect product. Notably, various hose clamp manufacturers have made sure that they deliver different T Bolt MS Clamps, which conform with high standards of longevity and corrosion resistance. When you plan on ordering T Bolt MS hose Clamps, you should realize that getting access to the best T Bolt MS hose Clamps supplier will quickly deliver what you need. Besides, ensure that you pick the best T Bolt MS hose Clamps manufacturer in town.


Upon deciding that you need to order these T bolt clamps, you should learn some of the significant features associated with them. Although there are narrow width clamps, you should realize that these T-bolt clamps have a wider band, and hence you will enjoy better services. For applications that have high vibrations, you are assured that T-Bolt has a self-locking nut, which is ideal when you want to prevent the re-opening of clamps. T bolt MS hose Clamps Manufacturers have been able to deliver products that are corrosion resistant. While you connect with a T bolt MS hose Clamps supplier, you need to order a fitting and flexible bolt for your needs.


While you are ordering T Bolt MS hose Clamps, you should learn that they can be used in various places. Heavy trucks and industrial machines are some of the application areas possible where these hose clamps are used. Several off-road types of equipment have been using these T bolt clamps.

Installing these T Bot clamps is easy since you only need to loosen the screw and fit the bolt where you desire it to be. Once you have fixed it, make sure that you tighten the screw until you find the desired grip and more so you are convinced this will not loosen even after vibrations are experienced.

MS T-Bolt Clamp Sizes, Specifications, Prices and Packing Details

List No. Clamp Size Size Range Price Per Pcs.
TB-1 TB-28 44.5-50.8 43
TB-2 TB-32 47.5-55.6 42
TB-3 TB-34 49.2-57.2 42
TB-4 TB-38 52.4-60.3 42
TB-5 TB-42 55.6-63.5 42
TB-6 TB-44 57.2-65.1 45
TB-7 TB-46 58.7-66.7 45
TB-8 TB-50 61.9-69.9 45
TB-9 TB-54 65.1-73.00 45
TB-10 TB-56 66.7-74.6 45
TB-11 TB-58 68.3-76.2 46
TB-12 TB-60 69.9-78.8 46
TB-13 TB-66 74.6-82.6 47
TB-14 TB-74 81.00-88.9 47
TB-15 TB-76 82.6-90.5 47
TB-16 TB-78 84.2-92.1 47
TB-17 TB-82 87.3-95.3 48
TB-18 TB-84 88.9-96.8 48
TB-19 TB-86 90.6-98.4 48
TB-20 TB-90 93.7-101.6 49
TB-21 TB-92 95.3-103.2 49
TB-22 TB-98 100.0-108.0 49
TB-23 TB-106 106.4-114.3 49
TB-24 TB-108 108.0-115.9 49
TB-25 TB-110 109.5-117.5 49
TB-26 TB-112 111.1-119.1 50
TB-27 TB-114 112.7-120.7 50
TB-28 TB-116 114.3-122.2 50
TB-29 TB-122 119.1-127.0 52
TB-30 TB-126 122.2-130.2 52
TB-31 TB-130 125.4-133.4 52
TB-32 TB-138 131.8-139.7 52
TB-33 TB-140 133.4-141.3 52
TB-34 TB-142 134.9-142.9 52
TB-35 TB-146 136.1-146.1 53
TB-36 TB-148 139.7-147.3 53
TB-37 TB-154 144.5-152.4 53
TB-38 TB-156 146.1-154.0 53
TB-39 TB-162 150.8-158.8 55
TB-40 TB-170 157.2-165.1 55
TB-41 TB-174 160.3-168.3 55
TB-42 TB-178 163.5-171.5 55
TB-43 TB-186 160.9-177.8 57
TB-44 TB-190 173.0-181.0 57

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