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Our company is the most respected manufacturer of two ear hose clamps in the India. We are recognized as a leader in innovation, technology and quality, commited to providing our customers with the very best products possible. With distributors in more than 45 cities in India, we pride ourselves on meeting the highest performance standards and delivering high quality products that exceed customer expectations

Two Ear Clamps are produced in our unit utilizing high quality raw materials. Our products are designed to resemble the standard stainless-steel clamp that is found at any bench in a laboratory. They can be used for most common cell counting and sorting procedures as well as to hold 150mm culture tubes in place. We produce clamps which are made of SST (aluminum-coated), silver plated brass, copper-plated zinc, and stainless-steel material.

We have been in business for 20 years and have a reputation for quality, integrity, and service

Our ear clamp has been recognized by the India’s top two ear hose clamp manufacturers. What makes this product unique is our superior high-quality stainless-steel clip that locks on to ear hose without slipping and breaking the band in half where other products fail. After 20 years we have made some major improvements, we are always improving and learning from our customer’s feedback.

Our mission is to be your ear hose clamp manufacturer for the long run, a business partner whose consistent, high-quality products and services you can trust, as well as a friend whose integrity, service and value you can rely upon.

Our product is made with durable materials that will last you many years

Our ear hose clamp manufacturer has a solid reputation for safety and performance. The ear hose clamp set is manufactured out of the highest quality components to ensure that you stay in control while driving, protect your investment like a new vehicle interior, and peace of mind that you have the best in ear hose clamp manufacturer technologies available.

Our two ear hose clamp is durable and can be used for many years. It is made from tough materials and conceals piping from the clamp to the outlet. The two ear hose clamp comes in an assortment of sizes that are sure to fit any need you may have.

The company has an excellent track record with customers who are pleased with our products

The company has an excellent track record with customers who are pleased with two ear hose clamps. Our customers also demand excellence and use the products that we make on a daily basis. They are very vocal when they are not happy and will tell anyone about it. It is the best advertising for the company we have found.

Our two ear hose clamps are designed to provide an exceptional value for your money. Over the years, we have been fortunate to develop a reputation of quality and value among our customers. We pride ourselves on offering a continually growing selection of products that meet or exceed the needs of our customers.

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Hose clamps are a very important part of the HVAC system. Without them the system will not function efficiently. They are used to close off the air or refrigerant lines and create pressure or suction. The two main types of hose clamps are adjustable hose clamps and fixed hose clamps, although there are some half in-between models that we may also have. But both types of hose clamp serve the same purpose for securing the tubing in place.

What is a two ear hose clamp?

A two ear universal hose clamp is a small light weight, but long lasting hose clamp that will save you time and headache of trying to replace a broken plastic hose clamp. It will not break under excess strain like the little cheapy clamps that are made out of hard brittle plastic. The perfect clamp for moving hoses from one location to another on your car or anything your work may entail. It is also made from metal so it will scratch.

A two-ear hose clamp is a buttress type of hose clamp with two ears that grip the hose like a vise. The ear on one side is a screw sleeve that the hose fits over and holds it in place. The screw sleeve can be tightened to apply the necessary clamping pressure. The other ear is a standard ring that is slipped over the end of the pipe and then turned into place against the pipe, holding the hose in place on either end.

Two ear hose clamps are used to join two different hoses together, such as the line that attaches from your air compressor to a blow gun or paint sprayer. The jaws of the two-ear clamp are located on both sides of the hose fitting, giving you the ability to connect just about any two pieces of hoses together with ease.

How to choose the right ear hose clamp?

To choose the ear hose clamp, you need to consider a few things: the quality, the price and what the clamp is being used for.

How do two ear hose clamps work?

Two ear hose clamps work in a very simple manner. They operate in a semi-twist or quarter turn clamping mechanism. A quarter turn one works by pulling a trigger to release, which then allows it to swivel to the right position (this will cause the two clamps on either side of the chain to also rotate outwards). A semi-twist one works similarly but requires a slight amount of effort to turn each clamp. There is an added benefit of using two over just using one, and that is it you can open them by pulling the trigger because it has eased the tension pressure.