U Bolt Clamps Manufacturer, Supplier and Stockist

The U bolt clamp uses a dual nut design that allows the u bolt to be locked in place. This is accomplished by alternately securing one nut to the stationary and the other to the rotating part. The threaded end of the bolt is inserted through the part to be secured with one nut still loose. This space is then used as a washer around which the second nut or locking collar can be screwed down to secure the object.

Aggarwal & Sons U bolt clamp uses a powerful steel jaw and deck to tighten, rather than relying on rubber and tension springs. This allows for a more controlled release of U-bolts, even if they’re corroded in place, and resistance is decreased greatly when tightening them.

The U bolt clamp is the perfect accessory for any mechanic, carpenter or anybody who works with u bolts on a regular basis. The simple design of the clamp makes installation and removal quick and simple. It secures in place using sheet metal screws and a threaded insert. The u bolt will lay flat over any surface so there’s no need to feel around in the hard-to-reach spots to find out if it’s in place or not.

Aggarwal & Sons U bolt clamp provides you with an excellent bond between two materials, as well as enables you to attach a wide array of equipment. These u bolt clamps feature a heavy-duty construction that will provide a secure hold, yet still allow you to adjust the clamp while it is in use. The adjustable design makes these clamps perfect for cargo tie-downs, holding planters or other materials upright, and more.

The 3/4-inch u bolt clamp is ideal for attaching our 1-inch-wide tow strap to any vehicle you need extra pulling power too. Easily attaches to your tow ball with the bolt pattern on the end of the u. The strap can be tightened and blocked into place for the best use every time.

A critical piece of safety equipment, our U-bolt clamp can be used in emergency situations to secure objects in place or to free up a hand.