Wire hose Clamps Manufacturer, Supplier and Stockist

Aggarwal & Sons has been the leading wire hose clamp manufacturer in India since 2002. Since our humble beginning, we have been producing quality clamps for automotive, air-conditioning, electrical and power applications. Our strong commitment to product development and innovation has helped Aggarwal & Sons adapt to changes in the market and establish a solid reputation for our products worldwide.

We manufacture the highest quality wire hose clamps and fittings utilizing superior grade materials. Our manufacturing methods are strictly controlled and protected under Indian requirements. These wire hose clamps are far superior to all others that you will find anywhere in the India! Our wire hose clamps are manufactured using second generation powder coated steel wire wrapped and crimped around a spiral wound string ferrule with plastic inserts. This design provides a unique combination of holding power, high corrosion resistance, lightweight, and ease of assembly. With clamping force that is stronger than aluminum alloy.

When it comes to reliable performance on the job site, at home, or in the garage, we know you expect only the best. Our wire line hose clamps are perfect for light duty work around the house, and manufactured with unyielding precision to withstand daily wear and tear. With a variety of sizes available, and guaranteed to hold up in all conditions, you’ll be able use ours for projects large and small.

Aggarwal & Sons manufactures high-quality wire clamps and twist-locks for the many industries. Each product is designed to meet the specific requirements of a variety of markets, while still maintaining consistently robust quality in each product. We’re always improving our products to ensure that the customer gets the best product we can provide them. Customized wire clamps are available on request.

What kinds of wire clamps do you need?

What is your project? What are you making? Which wire clamp do you need? We know that getting started can be pretty overwhelming, but don’t worry! If you’re not sure which wire clamp you need, tell us a little bit about your project and we will help you find the right one!

Beside above, if you need to fasten a wire to a table or other item that doesn’t have a stud then “chicken” wire clamps (aka F-style wire fasteners) are the right choice. The clamps are flexible metal strips that extend from 1 1/2″ to 2 3/4″ and can secure wires from 0.15 in (3 mm) to 1 3/4 in (44 mm). The clamps are designed for use with flat wire, chicken wire, and vinyl coated fence staples up to 0.38 in (9 mm) wide.

Wire hose clamps are used to secure couplings, hose, tubing, etc.

Wire hose clamps are used to secure couplings, hose, tubing, etc. Available in a variety of clamping force options. All feature a hex drive screw for quick and easy tightening or loosening without tools. Smaller sizes feature a squeeze-style action for faster operation.

How to choose the type of wire hose clamp you need?

We will explain you the different type of wire hose clamps in details, and hope can help you chose it faster. Understanding different types of wire hose clamps is a good starting point toward choosing the right wire hose clamp for your application. There are many different types of wire hose clamps for a variety of applications.

Wire hose clamps are fast, inexpensive, and effective for securing cloth-covered power cables to neaten up and protect the connection. They are popular with homeowners for wires in kitchens and bathrooms or for outdoor applications around houses, garages, sheds, and workshops. The standard duty rubber padded wire hose clamp could be described generally as a general duty clamp and will fit a variety of applications such as electrical connections, chemicals, gas plumbing. Mostly you need is to measure the cable diameter then choose the right size for your cable. This can save you some time.

How to choose what size hose you need to clamp?

Get the right size hose clamp that fits your application needs. Match the inside diameter of the hose you are using with the inside diameter listed on the table below to determine what is usually a good choice for your application. The max. clamping range is listed on each clamp description page.

You want to ensure that the clamp size is appropriate for the tube you are using. The first step is to determine what size hose you need to squeeze through. If you have a metal tube, choose a suitable size clamp for that tube. If you use tubing plastic water tubing, choose a clamp size according to 3/16 inch then if the diameter requirements are 1/4-inch tubing, select 5/16 inches, and so on.

How to choose material for wire hose clamp?

Material for wire clamp is mainly two kinds of material: It is either the metal (such as iron nylon) or plastic (such as polypropylene pvc). Although the plastic wire hose clamp is more suitable for the use of weak acid, weak alkali and neutral media, but also for normal acid, strong alkali and abrasive media. It has a broad application range. But the advantage of metal mild steel wire hose clamp is that under the condition of high temperature, it can keep higher mechanical strength. If you need use in water or salt water, you can choose plastic wire hose clamp because of its flexibility.

Stainless steel wire hose clamp can be produced as bonding metal and wire piece, its chemical composition is Cr 70%, Si 10%, Mn 9%, C 7%. Wire clamp is made of both wire and the bonding metal, different producers use different material for casting bonding metal. Wire hose clamp is a very important site of economic input for PLC pipe connection. The performance of it depends on its plasticity, rigidity and toughness, especially the strength.

Why wire hose clamps are perfect for making certain hoses don’t leak?

Wire hose clamps are handmade and constructed with a special type of wire that is designed to be durable. The wire itself is actually braided into a “diamond” or “square” web pattern that creates a ½ inch wide clamp without the need for weaving. Woven clamps have a tendency to fail at some point in time due to normal daily use and tear if not made from durable materials. Our wire hose clamps are seamless and made from solid copper, allowing them to expand and contract with various temperatures changes without cracking and becoming brittle. We also use stainless steel bolts that are nickel-plated.