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Aggarwal & Sons has been manufacturing high quality double wire mild steel hose clamps since 2002. Due to our hard work and quality range of hose clamps, we meet the growing demand for quality double wire hose clamps for the automobile, agricultural, engineering, cement, chemical, shipbuilding, oil industry, plants, power plants and other sectors.

We believe in quality service and quality double wire mild steel hose clamps, which is why Aggarwal and Sons is known for its excellent quality hose clamps and service.

Supplier around the Nation: Aggarwal & Sons is a leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter and stockist of all types of hose clamps especially double wire mild steel hose clamps.

Quality: Aggarwal & Sons runs its own manufacturing units to manufacture high quality hose clamps that undergo many quality testing before being ready for supply / distribution.

Vision: We aim to manufacture the best quality and high durable double wire mild steel hose clamps. Low quality and high durable hose clamps make a hole in your pockets and you can save twice as much by investing in our quality range double wire hose clamps.

Why Wire MS Hose Clamps?

Wire MS clamps get made up of heavy, mainly mild steel wire that gets bent to form a U shape. The U-shaped steel wire gets then formed into a shape of a ring with one of its ends usually overlapping the other. The ends of the clamp are at last bent outward and cut. The wire MS hose clamp comes with a captive nut attached to one end of the wire MS hose clamp with a captive screw on the other end for tightening the clamps. Wire MS hose clamp overlapped ends usually get set apart, and the wire loop gets pulled around the hose.

double wire ms hose clamp
double wire ms hose clamp

Features of Wire MS Hose Clamp

1. Wire MS hose clamps are easy to use and can get applied in various applications where tight assembling occurs.
2. Secondly, wire MS hose Clamps manufacturer fit them with a steel double lop construction that gets used to deliver one of the most impressive grips that are tight, secure, and maintains a consistent pressure.
3. The Wire MS Hose Clamps, usually made up of carbon wire and coated with zinc, usually works best with rubber and other PVC hoses. It works best when combined with spiral wire dust collection, a pool of pump hoses, and even industrial vacuum cleaners.
4. Wire MS hose clamp supplier provide items made up of high-quality materials and usually delivers a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant, and leak-proof hose clamping.
5. Wire MS hose Clamp is one of the most durable tools in terms of service and durability as it gets made of industrial standard mild steel.
6. The wire MS hose clamps manufacturer correctly design it to provide one of the most secure yet flexible services of connecting dust hoods and pipes and other connecting dust in terms of functionality.


How to install a wire MS hose clamp?

It’s effortless to install a Wire MS hose Clamp and secure your hose tightly by following four steps.

1. First, you will need to expand your hose clamp by turning counter-clockwise the screws. You will need to make it big enough so it can fit over the hose.
2. The second step is sliding the hose clamp over the hose and perfectly fitting it without forcing it in.
3. Thirdly, you will need to slide the hose to your desired fitting you want to be attached.
4. Lastly, you will slide the clamp over the joint to sit between the hose and the fitting.

What are the wire MS hose clamp used for?

Wire MS hose clamp has many applications, but the most common applications include securing hoses, mostly in automotive systems. These clamps also get used in clamping plumbing systems in households or any other area where you would want to have a strong band clamp. You must confirm with your Wire MS hose Clamp Supplier which type and use the clamp they are supplying.

MS Wire Clamp Sizes, Specifications, Prices and Packing Details

List No. Clamp Size Size Range Size Inches Qty. In One Box Wire Clamps Price per Dozzen
WC-1 0 10-13 mm 5/16″ 200 Pcs. 157
WC-2 M00 12-17 mm 3/8″ 200 Pcs. 157
WC-3 0 15-20 mm 1/2″ 200 Pcs. 157
WC-4 0 17-22 mm 5/8″ 160 Pcs. 163
WC-5 25A 20-25 mm 3/4″ 150 Pcs. 163
WC-6 0-0X 25-25 mm 3/4″ 150 Pcs. 163
WC-7 0X 22-28 mm 3/4″ 120 Pcs. 163
WC-8 1A 25-30 mm 7/8″ 100 Pcs. 163
WC-9 35A 30-35 mm 1″ 100 Pcs. 163
WC-10 1 32-38 mm 1″ 100 Pcs. 163
WC-11 1X 35-41 mm 1-1/8″ 80 Pcs. 174
WC-12 45A 35-45 mm 1-1/4″ 60 Pcs. 174
WC-13 2A 42-50 mm 1-1/2″ 60 Pcs. 174
WC-14 2 48-55 mm 1-3/4″ 60 Pcs. 187
WC-15 2X 52-60 mm 2″ 50 Pcs. 187
WC-16 3 60-70 mm 2-1/2″ 40 Pcs. 223
WC-17 75A 65-75 mm 2-3/4″ 40 Pcs. 223
WC-18 3X 70-80 mm 3″ 40 Pcs. 223
WC-19 4 80-90 mm 3-1/2″ 20 Pcs. 273
WC-20 4X 90-102 mm 4″ 20 Pcs. 273
WC-21 110A 100-110 mm 4-1/2″ Bulk Pkd. ..
WC-22 5 110-120 mm 4-3/4″ Bulk Pkd. ..
WC-23 130A 120-130 mm 5″ Bulk Pkd. ..
WC-24 6 125-140 mm 5-1/4″ Bulk Pkd. ..
WC-25 6X 135-150 mm 5-1/2″ Bulk Pkd. ..
WC-26 160A 145-160 mm 6″ Bulk Pkd. ..

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