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Aggarwal and Sons, established in 2002, is one of the leading names working in the field of Hose Clamps Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter and Stockist. In accordance with universal quality standards, the entire hose clamp collection is made in regulations. Some of the hose clamps we offer include worm drive ms hose clamp, worm drive ss hose clamp, ms wire hose clamp, ss wire hose clamp and ms t-bolt hose clamp for our valued customers in many sizes and specifications. Manufactured in strict accordance with market guidelines and quality standards, the entire ss wire hose clamp collection is rigorously inspected in a number of areas prior to final shipment. To achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we manufacturer customize or a complete collection of ss wire hose clamp.

As a reliable market name, we have developed a state-of-the-art infrastructure facility that is well equipped with the latest tools, technology and machines. The machines used in the manufacturing of our products are also updated and periodically updated to maintain our synchronization with the latest market trends. In addition, to ensure the efficient execution of all our tasks, we have divided our facility into various departments, which include a manufacturing unit, a packaging and storage unit, a research and development unit, and a logistics unit. Also, these departments are run by their heads to ensure smooth operation.

Working under the guidance of our esteemed mentor Mr. Pramod Aggarwal, we have achieved an excellent position in the market. His strong business sense and exceptional knowledge in this field have helped us to meet the changing and growing needs of our clients.

With the motive of becoming one of the popular decisions of our clients, we work ethically and in harmony. Our customer-focused approach, easy payment options, customized solutions, reasonable prices and fast delivery have helped us to become one of the best hose clamp manufacturing, supplying, exporting and stockist companies in the India.

Some of the success factors of our company include:

  1. Huge distribution network
  2. A quality-focused approach
  3. Immediate delivery
  4. Huge manufacturing capabilities
  5. Easy payment options
  6. Clarity of business

Why Wire SS Hose Clamps?

Useful in a multitude of applications, Wire SS Hose Clamps are most often used to attach and seal a hose onto a given coupling or hose barb. When installed properly, these clamps help to ensure that hoses remain secure on a hose barb. Wire SS hose Clamps manufacturers, such as Aggarwal and Sons, make these clamps available to the general public, retailers and suppliers via their effective distribution system.


Wire SS Hose Clamps Features

As a rule, these clamps consist of three principle parts; a metal wire band, a screw, and a screw cage. Often all three of these components are made of stainless or galvanized steel and they work together to make the clamp function. The metal wire band acts as the clamp on this device and usually consists of a metal wire strip. These bands can be of varying length, width, and thickness depending on the application the clamp is designed to suit. Attached to one end of the metal band is a screw cage that holds a screw stationary onto the band. The free end of the metal band is looped into a narrow channel under the screw cage. The threads of the screw fit directly into the threads pressed onto the metal wire band such that when the screw is rotated the end of the band threaded through the channel on the screw cage moves. Thus, when one tightens the screw the loop that the SS wire band is in narrows in circumference (i.e. tightening the clamp.) Conversely, when the screw is turned the opposite direction the loop configuration widens in circumference (i.e. loosening the clamp.)

Wire SS Hose Clamps Applications

Wire SS hose clamps have a multiplicity of uses. Homeowners often find that the ventilation hose on the back of clothes dryers are connected from the appliance to the ventilation port using such a clamp. Hose connections under the hood many vehicles also commonly use these clamps. Wire SS Hose Clamps are also often used in applications that don’t include hoses as they can be employed to mount signage to poles or bollards eliminating the need for additional mounting hardware.


Wire SS Hose Clamps Measuring

To measure the needed length of a Wire SS Hose Clamp for a given application, one can use a pi tape to measure the diameter of a hose. This measurement can then be used to select the correct size clamp for the application. Additionally, it is advisable that factors such as the corrosion resistance rating of the clamp be factored in when selecting a clamp. Whatever the application, one usually has no trouble finding a Wire SS hose Clamps supplier as Wire SS hose Clamps manufacturers work hard to provide businesses and the general public, retailers and suppliers with clamps of various sizes for use in thousands of common applications.

SS Wire Clamp Sizes, Specifications, Prices and Packing Details

List No. Clamp Size Size Range Size Inches Qty. In One Box S.S. Wire Clamp per Piece Price Qty. In One Box
WC-1 0 10-13 mm 5/16″ 200 Pcs. 42 12 Nos.
WC-2 M00 12-17 mm 3/8″ 200 Pcs. 42 12 Nos.
WC-3 0 15-20 mm 1/2″ 200 Pcs. 45 12 Nos.
WC-4 0 17-22 mm 5/8″ 160 Pcs. 45 12 Nos.
WC-5 25A 20-25 mm 3/4″ 150 Pcs. 45 12 Nos.
WC-6 0-0X 25-25 mm 3/4″ 150 Pcs. 45 12 Nos.
WC-7 0X 22-28 mm 3/4″ 120 Pcs. 46 12 Nos.
WC-8 1A 25-30 mm 7/8″ 100 Pcs. 46 12 Nos.
WC-9 35A 30-35 mm 1″ 100 Pcs. 48 12 Nos.
WC-10 1 32-38 mm 1″ 100 Pcs. 50 12 Nos.
WC-11 1X 35-41 mm 1-1/8″ 80 Pcs. 50 12 Nos.
WC-12 45A 35-45 mm 1-1/4″ 60 Pcs. 56 12 Nos.
WC-13 2A 42-50 mm 1-1/2″ 60 Pcs. 56 12 Nos.
WC-14 2 48-55 mm 1-3/4″ 60 Pcs. 56 12 Nos.
WC-15 2X 52-60 mm 2″ 50 Pcs. 70 12 Nos.
WC-16 3 60-70 mm 2-1/2″ 40 Pcs. 70 12 Nos.
WC-17 75A 65-75 mm 2-3/4″ 40 Pcs. 70 12 Nos.
WC-18 3X 70-80 mm 3″ 40 Pcs. 70 12 Nos.
WC-19 4 80-90 mm 3-1/2″ 20 Pcs. 92 12 Nos.
WC-20 4X 90-102 mm 4″ 20 Pcs. 92 12 Nos.
WC-21 110A 100-110 mm 4-1/2″ Bulk Pkd. 100 ..
WC-22 5 110-120 mm 4-3/4″ Bulk Pkd. 108 ..
WC-23 130A 120-130 mm 5″ Bulk Pkd. 112 ..
WC-24 6 125-140 mm 5-1/4″ Bulk Pkd. 120 ..
WC-25 6X 135-150 mm 5-1/2″ Bulk Pkd. 124 ..
WC-26 160A 145-160 mm 6″ Bulk Pkd. 139 ..

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