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Worm drive hose clamps are the most popular and economical design in use today. They come in many shapes, sizes and materials so you can get the right one for your application. Large rubber gaskets help prevent leakage from vibration while a screwdriver groove allows the quick tightening of any worm drive clamp.


Worm Drive hose clamps are used in pick-up truck beds, trailers and semi-trucks. Also commonly used for shrink wrap, air conditioning hoses, fuel lines, power steering hoses, hydraulic hoses and automotive accessories such as differentials. Worm drive hose clamps, also named worm gear hose clamp or worm screw hose clamp, is a flat faced hose clamp with arc-shaped thread that can be applied to the hose or tube of the pipeline. When tightening the worm screw in the top groove, it will push down the bottom part outwardly, and then both parts will tighten up to squeeze the tubing tightly.


Worm Drive Hose Clamps are easy to use and hold fast with a positive drive action that is engineered to avoid slipping. The perforated band enables clamps to install easily and hold strong. These clamps come with a special plier designed for this application that is also convenient for working in tight places. The patented tip angle and blade shape directs the clamping force on the band against the hose, preventing it from slipping off.

These perforated worm drive hose clamps are a perfect accessory for any cooling or ventilation system. Available in stainless and plastic, these clamps are simple to install, strong, corrosion-resistant and low cost per clamp. They permit fast connection and disconnection while still holding securely.

We are the leading manufacturer of worm drive hose clamps. Our clamps are different in design from the ordinary worm drive clamps as they are completely machined out of aluminium or stainless-steel material. We also have a full line of tie rod end spline clamps that are used in the automotive service and repair industry and other industrial applications.

For over 18 years, Aggarwal & Sons has been the India’s leading manufacturer of worm-drive hose clamps. We invented the worm-drive hose clamping system and have invested resources into making it safer and easier to use than traditional band clamps. Our patent pending design is a revolutionary approach to clamping your fluid lines. It prevents kinking, cracking and splitting without the need for bolting or welding.

We currently have the following worm drive hose clamps…

  1. MS Worm Drive Hose Clamp
  2. SS Worm Drive Hose Clamp
  3. Worm Drive Lined Hose Clamp


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