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The Worm Drive Lined Hose Clamp is one of the most efficient and widely used clamps offered by Aggarwal & Sons. This popular clamp is a popular choice for flexible hose and conduit applications. It’s equipped with the Lined Guard, which protects the threads from piercing through and damaging the surrounding material, for added safety. The Worm Drive Lined Clamp is available in smaller sizes for small wires and cables, and larger sizes for bigger projects, such as air conditioner lines.

Worm Drive Lined Hose Clamps eliminate the need for hose protectors for soft hoses. A Lined, which is a synthetic material, prevents the worm drive clamps from piercing the edges of the hose. This Lined Clip has two holes that allow it to be mounted with screws, bolts or clips. The threaded sleeves are self-locking, eliminating the need for additional locking mechanisms.

With a smooth steel lining and nickel-plated worm drive, these worm drive lined hose clamps can be used in soft nitrile hose clamping applications. A Lined will prevent piercing the edges of the threads to provide a higher level of protection for the hose. You can also use on soft PVC, rubber, canvas and leather products.

Worm Drive Lined Hose Clamp
Worm Drive Lined Hose Clamp

Why Aggarwal & Sons?

“Aggarwal & Sons” have been manufacturing and supplying quality worm Drive Lined hose clamps since 2002. These hose clamps are manufactured using raw materials that are of high quality and advanced technology. These hose clamps are developed according to industry standards, and made in a variety of sizes, dimensions and finishes. Worm Drive Lined hose clamps from Aggarwal & Sons are popular with people around the world because they offer outstanding features such great durability, optimal wear resistance, and their ability to resist corrosion.

In today’s competitive market, it is imperative that we make our hose clamps affordable as well as maintain their quality. To achieve this end, we have designed a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that can produce various hose clamps with ease and which can deliver the same directly to our customers. The business operation under the “one factory – one management” concept. This allows us to better control all aspects of the production process and improve product quality.

We understand the need to understand the business process flow in a clear and systematic manner. With this in mind, we have developed a single manufacturing unit. The Unit serves as the central hub, as it were, for performing all operations. The manufacturing unit is governed by a new system, which facilitates integrated operations. The most important aim of our company is to provide our customers with only high-quality hose clamps.

We are a large company that has been in the industry for quite some time now and we are committed to making affordable hose clamps that can be customized. We believe in creating world-class Hose Clamps while keeping your wallet happy at the same time. Our Hose clamps are manufactured in modern factories, which allow us to keep our prices low without compromising quality… and that makes us proud of ourselves.

Our mission is to provide our customers with quality hose clamps at the best price. We design our own hose clamps so that we can meet these demands. Our customers are always happy to know that they can get a great product, built at an extremely affordable price from us.

Our Lined Worm Drive Hose Clamps are designed for use on air hoses, hose lines, gas hoses, and steam hoses. They are made with solid brass or steel.

Worm Drive Lined Hose Clamp Uses & Benefits:

  1. The Lined Clamp is a versatile worm drive clamp. It can be used to place small-diameter hose and cable where space prohibits the use of conventional clamps or to hold together irregular shapes. It has a Lined that protects the threads from piercing the surrounding material.
  2. Available in a wide array of sizes, the Worm Drive Lined Clamp provides you with the right clamp for any flexible hose application. The Worm Drive Lined Guard protects the threads so that the clamp can be used with confidence without damaging surrounding material.
  3. When you want a short pipe fix, choose the Worm Drive Lined Clamp from Aggarwal & Sons. This popular clamp holds pipes securely in place.
  4. The Lined Clamp is a great choice for flexible hose and conduit applications. We offer many sizes so you can choose the perfect fit for your needs.
  5. The Aggarwal & Sons Lined Clamp is reliable and durable. It’s ideal for use in air conditioner systems, refrigeration, and other plumbing applications such as the cooling of a refrigerator.
  6. The Lined Clamp is a simple and cost-effective solution for many projects. It protects threads, and doesn’t require special tools.
  7. Lined Clamp, with its innovative Lined Guard technology, is the most effective way to hold products together.

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