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M / S Aggarwal & Sons, founded in 2002, “Thanks to our determination, will and hard work, we have been able to become well-known and successful manufacturers, exporters, suppliers and stockist of worm drive ms heavy clamps“. These ms clamps are used in tractors heavy vehicles, wind turbines, electrical assemblies, irrigation systems and many other industries.

A trained and skilled team is our greatest asset and we are proud of our trained team of professionals who are constantly engaged in the manufacturing of mild steel worm drive hose clamps that ensure quality and are in line with world standards. Our experts are highly qualified, well experienced and have excellent knowledge in hose clamps manufacturing. We provide regular training to our team members to keep up with industry norms and standards.

Our team of experts adapts / changes in worm drive hose clamps according to the needs and requirements of our customers. Relying on the expertise of our experts, we have today effectively surpassed other manufacturers and competitors in our segment.

Considering that customer satisfaction is extremely important for any successful organization, we always focus on gaining the goodwill and joy of customers. Following these, we offer customers a standardized range of hose clamps that our experts test before final delivery. We also ensure complete customer satisfaction by taking into account the following main factors:

Effective quality control system

  1. Hi-tech production machinery and equipment
  2. Experienced and talented workforce
  3. Customized services
  4. Clear business practices
  5. Fast delivery times

Worm Drive MS Hose Clips

Hose clamps are commonly used in electronic, automotive, agriculture, and industrial applications, and many large companies use them. The hose clamps are usually attached to the hoses to prevent leakages at the point of connection. They exact even pressure on the hoses’ circumference, binding them to the fittings.

As a buyer, you will come across many hose clamps, but worm drive MS hose clamps are currently their favourite. The reason why buyers have come to like these types of hose clamps is because of their outstanding features such as the ability to resist corrosion in a water environment and the fact that they can fit well in confined areas or spaces.


The Product’s Features and Details

Worm drive MS hose clamps components include a band, screw, and housing are made using mild steel material. It makes this product resistant to corrosion, even if used in areas where they contact water.

Another feature you will find attractive about this product is that the screws, bands, and housing come in small sizes, meaning that they can fit well in small hoses and places with limited or confined spaces.

These hose clamps have a worm fear mechanism that adjusts the clamp’s diameter, hence applying pressure on the sealing.

They also come in different designs to ensure that they distribute even pressure over the hose’s circumference to bind to the fittings properly.

Another feature that makes worm drive MS hose Clamps exclusive is that they are not limited to one industry. In other words, they can be used in various areas such as in electronic, industrial, and automotive applications.


What Are Worm Drive MS Hose Clamps Used For?

Though most hose clamps are for use in various leading industries such as marine, industrial, Agriculture and offshore sectors, they can also be used in other areas. Worm drive MS hose clamps are precisely for preventing water leakage at the joints. You can also use them to secure pipes in automotive systems and clamp lines in a house plumbing system.

Other uses of hose clamps include fixing of bicycle parts. You can also use a hose clamp to change the focus on the lens of your camera. When you couple it with other precise items, such as a rubber band, nut, drawer pull, and breaded rod, it will make changing the lens’ focus easy for you.

How To Install A Worm Drive MS Hose Clamp

  • Step one: Start by expanding the clamp on the hose. To do this, you need to twist the screw in the anticlockwise direction. Ensure that you make it wide so that it can easily fit through the hose.
    Step two: Once you have expanded it, place it so that it fits through the hose.
    Step three: Place the hose on the fitting. Ensure that you fix it at the same joint you wish it attached to.
    Step four: Place the hose clamp to pass through the joint connecting the hose and the fitting. Twist the screw in a clockwise direction until a contraction between the joint connects the hose and the clamp. Ensure that it is tight enough to avoid any leakages.

MS Worm Drive Clamp Sizes, Specifications, Prices and Packing Details

List No. Clamp Size Size Range Size In Inches Qty. In One Box Worm Drive Price Per Pc.
AG-1 0 10-13 mm 5/16″ 100 Pcs. 8.4
AG-2 M00 11-17 mm 3/8″ 100 Pcs. 8.4
AG-3 0 13-20 mm 1/2″ 100 Pcs. 8.4
AG-4 0 16-22 mm 5/8″ 160 Pcs. 10.2
AG-5 25A 16-25 mm 3/4″ 160 Pcs. 10.2
AG-6 0-0X 16-25 mm 3/4″ 160 Pcs. 10.2
AG-7 0X 18-28 mm 3/4″ 120 Pcs. 10.2
AG-8 1A 22-30 mm 7/8″ 100 Pcs. 11.25
AG-9 35A 25-35 mm 1″ 100 Pcs. 11.25
AG-10 1 25-38 mm 1″ 100 Pcs. 11.25
AG-11 1X 24-41 mm 1-1/8″ 80 Pcs. 11.25
AG-12 45A 32-45 mm 1-1/4″ 60 Pcs. 13.2
AG-13 2A 32-50 mm 1-1/2″ 60 Pcs. 13.2
AG-14 2 38-55 mm 1-3/4″ 60 Pcs. 13.2
AG-15 2X 40-60 mm 2″ 40 Pcs. 16.8
AG-16 3 51-70 mm 2-1/2″ 40 Pcs. 16.8
AG-17 75A 55-75 mm 2-3/4″ 40 Pcs. 16.8
AG-18 3X 60-80 mm 3″ 40 Pcs. 16.8
AG-19 4 70-90 mm 3-1/2″ 40 Pcs. 19.25
AG-20 4X 90-102 mm 4″ 40 Pcs. 19.25
AG-21 110A 95-115 mm 4-1/2″ 30 Pcs. 21.75
AG-22 5 100-120 mm 4-3/4″ 30 Pcs. 21.75
AG-23 130A 110-130 mm 5″ 30 Pcs. 21.75
AG-24 6 120-140 mm 5-1/4″ 25 Pcs. 24.75
AG-25 6X 135-145 mm 5-1/2″ 25 Pcs. 24.75
AG-26 160A 150-160 mm 6″ 25 Pcs. 24.75

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