Worm Drive SS hose Clamps Manufacturer, Supplier and Stockist

Founded in 2002, we are “Agarwal & Sons”, manufacturer, supplier, exporter and stockist of quality worm drive stainless steel hose clamps. These stainless-steel hose clamps are manufactured using high quality raw materials and ultra-modern technology. These stainless-steel hose clamps are designed and developed with industry-defined standards, and are manufactured to a wide variety of sizes, dimensions, finishes, and standards. The range of stainless-steel hose clamps is recognized by patrons around the world for its outstanding features such as durability, optimal wear resistance, durable construction and corona resistance. In addition, stainless steel hose clamps are widely used in various industries such as agriculture, automotive, manufacturing, chemical, shipbuilding and petrochemical.

To simplify the implementation of all business operations, we have developed an innovative manufacturing unit. Our stainless-steel hose clamp manufacturing unit is equipped with the latest machinery, equipment, tools and state-of-the-art technology. Divided into different departments, we expanded our area to a larger area. In addition, we have appointed a team of effective experts to handle the responsibilities of these departments. These specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in the manufacture of worm drive stainless-steel hose clamps. Our experts also help us reach the highest level of customer satisfaction. We also offer users a customization solution. Due to our sincere dedication, we have amassed a large number of clients across India.

Under the valuable guidance of our advisor, ‘Mr. Pramod Agarwal ‘, We were able to create a unique market niche in India. His vast experience and knowledge in this field helps to win the trust of our customers.

Benefits of Worm Drive SS Hose Clamps

Hoses are often used to move fluids between two points. In other instances, they are also used to connect two separate components. Hoses are mainly made of rubber and can dry out and eventually get cracks. As a result, they should be changed regularly to prevent leaks. When replacing a hose, a secure connection is vital for it to be free of leaks.

Similarly, since the fluid inside the hose is normally under high pressure, it’ll require a secured point between one fitting like nipple or inlet and the hose end. That’s where Worm Drive SS hose Clamps come in handy. You can use these hose clamps to tighten the clamps around the hose to seal it over your fitting. Continue reading to know more about these hose clamps.


Main Features of the product

Punched slots

The worm threads of a worm drive ss hose clamp is engaged across and through the band’s thickness. That prevents the worm screw from slipping or sliding over the band during high torque loads.

Corrosion-resistant material

All the components of the worm drive ss hose clamp are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which keeps the gear system intact and smooth even after prolonged use.

Strong threads

Due to the highly flexible quality of the hard SS band, the worm drive SS hose clamp manufacturer has ensured the threads are exceptionally strong to withstand the stresses of the high driving torque of the worm screw.

Secure housing

The securely positioned and spot welded housing beneath the band is extremely narrow. It helps in the even distribution of radical thrust within the clamps’ contact region to the hose. The spot-welding housing offers better strength than a riveted construction.


What are worm drive SS hose clamps used for?

Worm drive hose clamps are designed to secure hoses over fittings. By clamping the hoses down, you prevent the fluid inside the hose from leaking at the main connection. The attachments may include anything from bathroom fittings to car engines. However, these clamps can also be used in a wide variety of industries to ensure the secure transportation of chemicals, gases, liquids, and products. Your worm drive ss hose clamp supplier will help you select a suitable hose clamp that best suits your needs.

How to measure worm drive hose clamp’s size?

To determine the size of the hose clamp you need, you need to install the tubing or hose on the pipe or fitting that expands the hose first. After that, measure your hose’s outside diameter, and then your worm drive ss hose clamp supplier will help you choose a hose clamp that easily accommodates the diameter. Worm drive hose clamps accommodate a wide range of sizes, so ensure the size you want falls approximately in the median of that range.

SS Worm Drive Clamp Sizes, Specifications, Prices and Packing Details

List No. Clamp Size Size Range Size In Inches Qty. In One Box Stainless Steel Clamps – 202 G Price Per Pcs, Stainless Steel Clamps – 304 G Price Per Pcs,
AG-1 0 10-13 mm 5/16″ 100 Pcs. 21 24
AG-2 M00 11-17 mm 3/8″ 100 Pcs. 21 24
AG-3 0 13-20 mm 1/2″ 100 Pcs. 21 24
AG-4 0 16-22 mm 5/8″ 160 Pcs. 22 25
AG-5 25A 16-25 mm 3/4″ 160 Pcs. 22 25
AG-6 0-0X 16-25 mm 3/4″ 160 Pcs. 22 25
AG-7 0X 18-28 mm 3/4″ 120 Pcs. 23 26
AG-8 1A 22-30 mm 7/8″ 100 Pcs. 23 26
AG-9 35A 25-35 mm 1″ 100 Pcs. 24 28
AG-10 1 25-38 mm 1″ 100 Pcs. 24 28
AG-11 1X 24-41 mm 1-1/8″ 80 Pcs. 24 28
AG-12 45A 32-45 mm 1-1/4″ 60 Pcs. 25 29
AG-13 2A 32-50 mm 1-1/2″ 60 Pcs. 25 29
AG-14 2 38-55 mm 1-3/4″ 60 Pcs. 26 30
AG-15 2X 40-60 mm 2″ 40 Pcs. 28 31
AG-16 3 51-70 mm 2-1/2″ 40 Pcs. 30 33
AG-17 75A 55-75 mm 2-3/4″ 40 Pcs. 30 33
AG-18 3X 60-80 mm 3″ 40 Pcs. 32 34
AG-19 4 70-90 mm 3-1/2″ 40 Pcs. 33 35
AG-20 4X 90-102 mm 4″ 40 Pcs. 34 39
AG-21 110A 95-115 mm 4-1/2″ 30 Pcs. 35 40
AG-22 5 100-120 mm 4-3/4″ 30 Pcs. 38 41
AG-23 130A 110-130 mm 5″ 30 Pcs. 38 42
AG-24 6 120-140 mm 5-1/4″ 25 Pcs. 42 46
AG-25 6X 135-145 mm 5-1/2″ 25 Pcs. 42 46
AG-26 160A 150-160 mm 6″ 25 Pcs. 44 50

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